Define Your Brows with Boots Beauty

Boots Beauty Brow Pencils

My brows are the first thing I do after I put on my foundation.  For some odd reason, it’s like I cannot do the rest of my face until my brows are just right. I’ll leave the house without makeup but no brows? No, not gonna happen…ever!  Since brows are so important, I’m always on [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: MAC Stylish Brow Collection

MAC Stylish Brow Lineup

  No makeup look is complete without a finished brow. However, finding the perfect color or product that will enhance and define your brow can often be quite the challenge. Pencil or powder, gel or wax?… – the options are endless.  And now with MAC’s newest launch, Stylish Brow, these options are offered all in [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Angelo David Salon

Angelo David Salon Logo

I am never too proud to take beauty advice. . especially when it pertains to my brows – and especially when it proves to be 100% right. During my recent visit to the Angelo David Salon, I met with their new celebrity eyebrow specialist and makeup artist, Julie Tussey. Feeling proud of my brows and [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

ThisThatBeauty: MakeUp ForEver Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Brow maintenance.  While often an afterthought of one’s daily makeup routine, sparse or wimpy brows can just ruin that makeup masterpiece you are trying to create each morning.  See exhibit A below – my unfilled-in brows.  Pitiful.  Sad.  And frightening if you ask me since I am not wearing any makeup at all!   But stay with me, your brows [...]

The Best of Brow Enhancers


When it comes to brow enhancing products, your options now greatly extend beyond the choice of pencil or powder. There’s a wide array of product offerings from which to choose….from powder wax duos, to felt tip markers and everything in between. Learn about the latest in brow enhancement innovations as ThisThatBeauty helps you navigate the [...]

Eyebrow Specialist Elke Von Freudenbrg Shares Eyebrow Tips with ThisThatBeauty

Elke Von FreudenbergEyebrow Specialist LA / NY Elke Von Freudenberg is a highly acclaimed photography makeup artist & eyebrow specialist. Her expertise as a licensed Esthetician in both CA and NY in shaping eyebrows for celebrities and models have made her a highly sought after eyebrow expert. Her makeup work has been seen at The [...]

Because Every Face Deserves the Perfect Frame

I can go to makeup heaven now. Hands that have touched the likes of Beyonce and Madonna…have touched moi! Makeup God I ask you: What have I done to deserve this? Surely at some point in time I did something pleasing in the eyes of Makeup God. How else do I explain my recent experience [...]

My New Brow Obsession, Times Two

By  a show of hands – WHO likes fake looking drawn on eyebrows??? {crickets} Yea, fake looking drawn on eyebrows are bad news.  Simply not cute.  We all want attractive well groomed eyebrows, right? But how do we achieve this without conjuring up images of Mommie Dearest, circa 1981??? BEHOLD – MY CURRENT BROW OBSESSION, [...]