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Brows have been in the spotlight for quite some time.  I blame that mostly on Instagram and the prevalence of the ‘one eye’ makeup pictures where brows are more often than not, filled in and groomed beyond ‘perfection’ and pores have been completely erased. Not everyone one has the skills or patience to get picture perfect selfie brows, so it’s good when you find products that can get you the look you want in a few easy steps.  Today it’s all about the Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel + Brush.

Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel and Brush

I’m going to start by saying that the claim of “All Day” in this product name is a bit of a misnomer. Had this product been called ‘Brow Perfecting Gel’, It would have easily gotten 4.5 out of 5 stars for packaging design, ease of use and range of color.  However, my expectation  of the “all day” wear, only allowed me to rate it 3 out 5 in terms of product claims for longevity. But, I do love the Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel for the reasons highlighted above.

The tube is designed with a angled well at the tip to hold just the right amount of brow gel to get you your desired brow look.  One problem I’ve had with brow gels/waxes in jars or pots is that they tend to dry out long before I get to the bottom.   The tube packaging on the Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel eliminates this problem. Included with the gel is a scalloped edge angled brush with a spoolie attachment that makes application easier than finding a pore eliminating app in the App Store.

The consistency of the gel makes application easy, and when used with the angled brush, it latches on to the tiniest brow hairs and instantly increases the brow volume and color depth.  The brow gel is available in 5 colors: blonde, caramel, medium brown, dark brown and black.

Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel
Wearing Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel in Dark Brown [No filters or Apps Used. 🙂 ]

I wear the dark brown shade and it’s a couple shades lighter than my hair.  It’s the perfect color for me. I get about 5-6 hours of wear with the Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel during the summer and about 8 hours when it’s cooler.  I can extend the wear by adding a little of this product in my brows. I love the packaging and the brush, but I’d like to see an improvement in the formula (you know, to be more ‘All Day’).

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a Stay All Day (i.e. 18+ hours) brow product, this is not it.  However, If you want an easy to use brow product that will latch on to tiny hairs and give you perfect selfie-ready brows in a few steps, then the Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel is an excellent option. It also helps that it’s packaged in a container that won’t dry out.

The Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel + Brush retail for $34 and are available here.

What’s your favorite brow product?

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My brows are the first thing I do after I put on my foundation.  For some odd reason, it’s like I cannot do the rest of my face until my brows are just right. I’ll leave the house without makeup but no brows? No, not gonna happen…ever!  Since brows are so important, I’m always on the look out for quick and easy ways to get them done. Throw in brow tools that are affordable and easy to work with and I have a little slice of makeup heaven. Boots Beauty is a new discovery for me, and I am happy to say their brow product selection is quite stellar. Boots has brow pencils in several shades, a brow pencil with skin conditioning agents and a Lash & Brow Perfector to finish off the look.

Boots Beauty Brow Pencils


The Beautiful Brow Pencils come in 3 shades – black, brown and blonde (I am the brown shade.) The Botanics Eyebrow Pencil with skin conditioning agents comes in only one shade – medium brown.  Both are under $6.99 and for that price, it’s worth getting one or two to mix and create your own perfect shade.  The texture of each pencil is soft, smooth, and easy to apply. The spoolie on the end helps to spread the color evenly and comb the brows into place.  I have been mixing the blonde and brown and love the subtle definition it gives without the effect of making my brows look drawn on. (eek!)

Boots Beauty Lash and Brow PerfectorThe Lash & Brow Perfector is the icing on the brow cake helping to groom the hairs and set them so they stay put all day.  And in a pinch, it’s a great clear mascara for those no-makeup/just moisturizer and lip balm days, it also gives the lashes subtle definition and conditioning. At under $8.00, you can grab a Lash & Brow Perfector for your makeup bag and one for you vanity.

Purchase all Boots Beauty brow products at  Target or at the Boots website

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No makeup look is complete without a finished brow. However, finding the perfect color or product that will enhance and define your brow can often be quite the challenge. Pencil or powder, gel or wax?… – the options are endless.  And now with MAC’s newest launch, Stylish Brow, these options are offered all in one collection: There are duos of complimentary powder colors that blend to match and highlight a range of different hair shades, and Fluidline Brow Gelcremes that tint the hair and hold it in place with a more wax-like texture.  As a third option,  Veluxe Brow Pencil Liners give a matte and velvety smooth finish, and come in a range of shades that can be used to fill in any sparse gaps in hair and then combed out with the attached brow comb.

All products are available in stores December 26th and online at maccosmetics.com on December 24th and retail for $16-$27.50.


I am never too proud to take beauty advice. . especially when it pertains to my brows – and especially when it proves to be 100% right. During my recent visit to the Angelo David Salon, I met with their new celebrity eyebrow specialist and makeup artist, Julie Tussey. Feeling proud of my brows and confident that I would get high praise, I gladly accepted a meeting with her to hear about their perfection.  (My brows don’t suffer from low self-esteem – #obvs).  What ensued can only be described as a brow-awakening and forever gratitude for sage advice.  Julie describes herself as an eyebrow “lost and found” department – if your brows are lost, she will find them and in my opinion brings them back to life — transforms your face, makes you feel awesome and make you rethink all your beauty routines.  She spoke to me about the ideal shape – which may slightly differ based on the 6 basic face shapes – but ultimately should resemble an angle.  Not an arch.  And yes, there is a difference.  An angled brow should have a long body and comprise about ¾ of the brow length, leading up slightly but not rising to a peak.

“Do you like fuller or thinner br..?” and before I could even finish my thought, she confidently said “fuller, definitely”.  A “fuller brow with a longer angle looks more youthful” and should sit directly on the brow bone, not above or below.  “A nice brow is the key to the aging process – the right shape can allow a woman to ease into her older years.”  Julie’s product of choice varies from pencil, to powder, to gel depending on the person’s needs, but should be used sparingly only to fill in any gaps rather to completely define or color in the brow. “Good brows are a sign of professionalism” says Julie, so finding someone that will help you properly maintain them is essential and worth spending a little extra.  Let’s take a look at my before brows …..

My brows before my "awakening"

Julie suggested that my brows are a tad too far apart and a little too thin, with the high point of the brow coming to an arch rather than a desired angle.  With a few short strokes of a brow pencil and an almost unnoticeable reshaping – I was absolutely floored by the difference.   She had transformed what I thought were pretty great brows – into sheer perfection – framing my face in the most delicate way and making my features appear much softer.  I do have some work to do in growing out the recommended areas, but I am fully committed after such remarkable results.

How amazing do my brows look? Angle not arch.

Following my brow revolution, I was treated to a blow out from one of their senior stylists.  Being a salon that specializes in customized hair extensions and hair treatments, this simple service was certainly not lost in the mix.  My hair came out smooth and shiny and I felt like I had a new bounce in my step after such pampering.  As I finished up my visit and walked out, I was amazed at all the private rooms available to allow customers to get all their extensive services done in comfort.  They truly value privacy and discretion, which explains why they have such a long list of celebrity and VIP clients.  Here is my final look –


Feeling fabulously coiffed and catered to, my visit to the Angelo David salon was a real treat. Prices for a brow shaping begin at $22.  To make an apt with Julie Tussey or a stylist at the Angelo David Salon, call 212-883-6620 or visit their website to see a complete list of services.

ThisThatBeauty: MakeUp ForEver Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Brow maintenance.  While often an afterthought of one’s daily makeup routine, sparse or wimpy brows can just ruin that makeup masterpiece you are trying to create each morning.  See exhibit A below – my unfilled-in brows.  Pitiful.  Sad.  And frightening if you ask me since I am not wearing any makeup at all!   But stay with me, your brows will thank you, and maybe me.

ThisThatBeauty:  Maree Sye Makeup forever eyebrow corrector

Now that we are all comfortable with each other, bare-faced and all, let’s get down to the star of the post.  Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector.  Being the product junkie that I am, I have been around the block with trying brow products.  Many are often just a one hit wonder, however this product made me proud to commit.  “Long-lasting, smudge-proof and creamy” aptly describes the wear-ability of this corrector, while the ease of application makes it almost fool proof.  Squeeze out a smidgen (that is somewhere between a tidbit and a pinch) onto the back of your hand, and with a slanted angle brush, make short quick strokes through your brow.  Much like I am doing below – again with no makeup. Gah!

ThisThatBeauty:  Makeup forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Let the brush do the work, but do use a light hand when applying because the color will darken once it hits the skin (I used Shade #2).  Let’s see how it looks!

ThisThatBeauty: Makeup Forever Waterproof eyebrow corrector

Voila!  Makes quite the difference when compared to a bare brow.  Now jump in the shower, run a marathon, hit the beach or go to work, because this stuff is not moving!  You are guaranteed a worry-free brow day.  And isn’t that the kind of day we all really want to have?  We also want a boss who gives us a raise, no red lights, projects done on time and dinner on the table at 6,  kind of day – but baby steps for now.

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector is available at Sephora and retails for $20.


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When it comes to brow enhancing products, your options now greatly extend beyond the choice of pencil or powder. There’s a wide array of product offerings from which to choose….from powder wax duos, to felt tip markers and everything in between. Learn about the latest in brow enhancement innovations as ThisThatBeauty helps you navigate the best of brow enhancing products currently available!

Laura Geller Brow Marker is a long lasting brow color product that is ideal for women who desire a durable formula that will cling to both skin and hair. For women with sparse brows or completely hairless sections, this product is helpful. The thin, precise soft-tipped brow marker dries instantly and wears all day without fading.

Smashbox Brow Tech Trio is an innovative 3-in-1 product that creates beautifully groomed, natural looking brows. The convenient everything-you-need palette includes a lighter shade of powder to fill in brows, a darker shade of powder to define brows, and a grooming wax to set your brows and keep them in place all day. Smashbox Brow Tech Trio is available in blonde, taupe/soft brown, auburn, brunette, and dark brown.

A universal brow product IS possible! It Cosmetics proves this with BROW POWER, a universal brow pencil with active brow enhancing technology that claims to aid the regrowth of brows. The shade of the pencil adjusts based on the amount of pressure that is applied. As a makeup artist, this product is a god-send when working on set on multiple clients. There’s no need to switch between brow pencils for light and dark haired clients, I simply adjust the amount of pressure when applying. Genius!

One of my favorite skincare brands, Chella, recently launched a new brow product that I think you will love! The Brow Color Kit contains the essential tools needed to give your brows shape, depth, and highlight sparkle. Available in four shades (beautiful blonde, awesome auburn, luscious light brown, dazzling dark brown), the brow kit includes a sleek European designed brow pencil, glistening lace highlighter, defining gel, and sharpener for the brow pencil and highlighter. This kit is perfect for individuals who prefer pencil products. If you have sparse areas that require a fill-in here and there (like me!), The Brow Color Kit is perfect!

Smart on-the-go products make this busy Beauty Girl extremely happy! Smashbox Brow Tech To Go is a dual ended brow tool that provides both a pencil and setting gel in one streamlined tool! How bright are the folks over at Smashbox?! Both portable and travel friendly, this gem of a brow tool offers precise application and perfect grooming. Sometimes I skip the pencil end and go straight for the grooming gel. It’s amazing what a little grooming gel can do to frame the face!

Christi Harris Lift-N-Lite is like an eye lift in a tube! If you have weak, sagging brows or heavy upper lids (like me!) this product can help you achieve a more lifted and youthful appearance. Watch this video demo…I can show you better than I can tell you:)

I hope that you find brow success with some of the products mentioned above. If you are ready to venture into the world of brow regrowth treatments, check back in a few weeks for ThisThatBeauty Contributor Christene Carr (@ChristeneCarr) as she shares her thoughts on a brow regrowth product that she’s currently testing. Full review in 4-6 weeks!


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    Elke Von Freudenberg
    Eyebrow Specialist LA / NY

    Elke Von Freudenberg is a highly acclaimed photography makeup artist & eyebrow specialist. Her expertise as a licensed Esthetician in both CA and NY in shaping eyebrows for celebrities and models have made her a highly sought after eyebrow expert. Her makeup work has been seen at The Academy Awards®, The Golden Globes, in numerous magazines such as European Harper’s Bazaar & Elle, People Magazine, In Touch, as well as on the runways of Dolce & Gabana, Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg and Bisou Bisou. Elke is also the creator of The Brow Collection, a makeup line of fashionable and unique brow products online at www.themodelbrow.com.

    Top 5 No No Eyebrow Looks of 2008

    For 2008, eyebrows were all the rage on the beauty front, whether in brow product must haves or in new services such as in threading. But the real story is in the look. Top NY-LA Eyebrow Specialist Elke Von Freudenberg shares her ‘DO NOT DO‘ brow looks.

    1. The round eyebrow
    Or called, “the happy eyebrow”. It borders on an almost 1/2 circle shape. This happens when the tweezer keeps trying to create more of an arch, but is not sure where it is. So they keep tweezing from underneath the eyebrow in the wrong place, creating a 1/2 circle. The round eyebrow has replaced the ‘tadpole’ eyebrow as the current most seen brow mishap.
    2. The arch in the wrong place
    Or, in most cases, the arch is too far out. This happens when the arch is created by a pencil lining up to the side of the nose to the outside iris of the eye. What happens is that the eyes actually end up looking crossed eyed (especially in photos) and too close together.
    3. The straight eyebrow
    A straight eyebrow is when the arch of the eyebrow either never existed, (rare) or too much was taken off the top of the eyebrow, which takes away the arch and creates a straight line to the eyebrow.
    4. Using stencils to create your eyebrow shape
    You really can’t do a cookie cutter approach to shaping and drawing on eyebrows. Why? Because everyone’s bone structure and eye shape is different, and your eyebrow shape really has to do with the bone that’s underneath the brow. That determines the eyebrow hairs and shape that are uniquely yours.
    5. Super cut or trimmed eyebrows
    The super cut eyebrow looks good for one day and then as it grows in, looks horrible. What happens next? You cut them again only to repeat the vicious cycle. The super cut eyebrows are cut way too short and trimmed the wrong way.
    The Model Eyebrow™ Service offers a precise eyebrow shaping every time with tweezing. With a bi-coastal clientele, Elke travels to Los Angeles, New York and Brooklyn to maintain her private celebrity and model clientele’s eyebrows. And with rave reviews already on CitySearch.com and Yelp.com, people have come in as far as San Francisco, Singapore, Chicago, and Connecticut to get Elke’s Signature Service.


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      I can go to makeup heaven now.

      Hands that have touched the likes of Beyonce and Madonna…have touched moi!

      Makeup God I ask you:

      What have I done to deserve this?

      Surely at some point in time I did something pleasing in the eyes of Makeup God. How else do I explain my recent experience with the man known as the “EYEBROW KING”.

      The internationally renowned “EYEBROW KING”, also known as Damone Roberts, has revolutionized the beauty industry. Damone’s philosophy is that each person exudes their own individual beauty and every face deserves the perfect frame. Damone’s talent for sculpting the perfect arch has graced some of the world’s most famous faces. He has worked with Angela Bassett, Madonna, Beyonce, Mandy Moore, Vanessa Williams, Brandy, Paula Abdul, and Diva Extraordinaire, Ms Diana Ross…to name a few. He has been featured in Allure, Essence, Vogue, The New York Times, Variety, W, Elle, marie claire, Glamour, etc….and Damone can be seen regularly on TLC’s national hit show “10 Year’s Younger”.

      Mr. Roberts’ celebrity roster is very impressive. His salon is lined with framed magazine covers featuring celebrities pledging their undying loyalty. Despite all of the glitz and glam, what I found most impressive about Damone Roberts, was Damone Roberts. Damone Roberts the man. Damone Roberts the human being. And at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I must add that Damone Roberts is VERY HUMAN.
      His genuine warmth and graciousness filled the entry way of his Fifth Avenue salon as I stepped off the elevator. And that authentic feeling of sincerity (which was also exuded by Damone’s salon colleagues (Hello, to the lovely Marilyn:-)) continued from hello to goodbye.
      Now keep in mind that this man owns/operates two high end salons (one in Beverly Hills and one on Fifth Ave in NYC), is the go-to brow sculptor extraordinaire for the uber elite, has been featured in some of the world’s top magazines….and yet he still manages to quote – keep it real (as the young people say). I’m sorry y’all, but I’m impressed!
      I am also impressed with Damone’s philanthropic work. Mr. Roberts recently hosted a very special evening at “Gilda’s Club”, an organization that supports those living with cancer.
      In addition to sitting down with Damone for an in depth interview, I was also fortunate enough to experience his artistry on my very own brows. After sculpting my brows, Damone explained his process/ philosophy:

      1) Examine facial structure and determine the proper brow shape. No stencils allowed!
      2) Thicker is better. Damone encouraged me to not over pluck and allow a fuller brow to emerge for my next visit.

      3) Next Damone waxed, tweazed, and trimmed my brows to the shape of my face. And not a once did he hurt me.
      4) My brows were filled in with Minx pencil
      5) Then Damone used Gold Digger Brow Highlight to, well, highlight 🙂
      6) And lastly, Damone slicked it all down with a little brow gel

      And honey, I…LOOK…FIERCE!!!!
      See for yourself:

      I encourage all of my lovely NY/NJ/CT/Phila ThisThatBeauty readers to plan a visit to Damone Roberts New York. If Damone himself is not available, ask for Armond. I hear he’s very good as well (I’ll be visiting Armond next month).

      For all of my west coast ThisThatBeauty honeys, plan to hit up Damone Roberts Beverly Hills.

      And for all of my beautiful ThisThatBeauty readers not near either Damone Roberts salon, fret not. Through the magic of the Internet (created by Al Gore…I kid I kid) Damone’s eye brow maintenance products can be yours.

      While his full line, which I’ve been using since my visit, is great…your best value is the COMPLETE BROW KIT

      THE BROW KIT includes the following essential items:
      This fabulous kit includes everything you need to have World Class eyebrows (Tweezer, Brow Shadow, Brow Highlighter, Brow Pencil, Scissors, Brow Gel, Brow Smudge Brush, Brow Angled Brush, Sharpener). If you want to create the perfect frame, this kit is a must. Conceived and created by Damone Roberts, The Eyebrow King, it is the beauty must-have. When the salon is just a little too far away, beauty and perfect brows can still be at your disposal. As a bonus Damone has included some of his most useful eyebrow tips as guides.

      And even though THE COMPLETE BROW KIT is, in my opinon, the best way to go…please allow me to highlight my personal favorites:

      BROW HIGHLIGHTER – in Gold Digger. Don’t let the shimmer scare you. Once applied and blended with the BROW SMUDGE BRUSH (another one of my favs)…..gawjus!

      What girl doesn’t like diamonds? Well now you can have the look and sparkle of a woman’s best friend on your brow bone with this white shimmer highlighter. Perfect for evenings or applying as a highlight on cheeks, the brow highlighter produces a softer, deeper, more natural look providing the finishing touch on the perfect frame.

      BROW SMUDGE BRUSH – I was skeptical when I first met this little brush. “Why does it look like a concealer brush”, I wondered. “This doesn’t resemble a typical highlighter brush”, I pondered. Much to my surprise this brush blends highlighter flawlessly and like a dream.

      This Smudge Brush was made to work seamlessly with the Damone Roberts Signature brow highlighters. Exclusively selected by The Eyebrow King, the synthetic materials and soft, nylon bristles blend perfectly with the wax of the highlighter to add a smooth finish. Every face deserves the perfect frame, that goal is realized with this exclusive, industry developed brush.

      BROW GAIN – While the results are not in yet, I love what this product is supposed to do. Damone says I have a naturally high arch so the over plucking that has taken place in the past need not continue going forward. Having said that, I am a prime candidate for BROW GAIN and will report results in 6-8 weeks.

      The perfect eyebrows are rich, full and show the perfect arch. Whether by nature or over plucking, at times, you can suffer from a thinning of our eyebrows. This can affect the entire look of your face. Brow Gain helps to create healthier looking, fuller eyebrows by stimulating the surrounding hair follicles. Generally, results will be seen about 6 to 8 weeks after use begins. Individual results may vary. Your face deserves the perfect frame. With The Eyebrow King’s Signature Brow Gain as the catalyst, that goal is within reach.

      You can also purchase Damone Roberts® products at the following locations:
      Department Store
      693 5th Ave (@ 54th)
      New York, N.Y 10022
      Tel: 212-350-0117
      Holt Renfrew
      50 Bloor Street West
      Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A1
      Hyatt Grand Champions Resort
      Aqua Serena Spa
      44-600 Indian Wells Lane
      Indian Wells, CA 92210
      Tel: 760-674-4100
      Glow Skin & Body Care
      160 South Blvd.
      San Mateo, CA 94402
      Tel: 650-458-9725
      Spa Eleven
      1440 N.Federal Hwy
      Delray Beach, FL 33483-5922
      Tel: 561-278-1100
      Carla Gray Brow Studio
      8230 S. Colorado Blvd. Studio 17
      Centennial, Co 80122
      Tel: 303-847-8708

      Esthetique The Spa & Boutique
      2285 Whitney Ave.
      Hamden, CT. 06518
      Tel: 203-920-0227

      Shannon Elizabeth Waxing Studio
      1701 Creekside Loop
      Suite 130
      Yakima, WA 98902
      Tel: 509-453-5889
      Extrados Spa
      3100 W. 50th St.
      Minneapolis, MN 55410
      Tel: 612-920-0227

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        By  a show of hands – WHO likes fake looking drawn on eyebrows???

        Yea, fake looking drawn on eyebrows are bad news.  Simply not cute.  We all want attractive well groomed eyebrows, right? But how do we achieve this without conjuring up images of Mommie Dearest, circa 1981???


        Think mascara for your eye brows.  If you’re like me and already a fan of clear mascara to help tame your brows, then you’ll love Brow Set.  It comes in clear, just like my favorite CoverGirl clear mascara….but that’s not where the magic begins.  Try the colored Brow Set.  My personal favorite is MINK.  Ohhh, how luxurious is the thought of MINK on my brows?  The shade is a deep brown that naturally complements my brows.  Brow Set adds an extra kick to your brows while  still maintaining a very natural look.  This is a quick and easy way to bring your brows to life without having to get heavy handed with a pencil. 
        Don’t get me wrong, I still love brow pencils….but the kid is all about brow options.  Depending on the occasion and the amount of time I can spend in the mirror I alternate between Cover Girl or Anastasia clear brow gel, my new MAC Brow Set in MINK, a variety of brow pencils (Mac, NYX, etc), and brown eye shadow.
        And hey, if clear gel is still your brow thing….please allow me to introduce you to my other new brow obsession.
        Think waxy stick for the brows.  It comes in five shades, but my favorite is clear.  The colors are great but I don’t particularly care for the fatness of the stick.  The clear is great because it goes everywhere and slicks everything down…but for this same reason I do not like the colored sticks.  When I’m touching up my brows with color, precision is key!
        So check out these two great brow products and figure out which works for you.
        Love y’all, 
        Felicia Dearest (LOL)
        The scoop from MAC on BOTH products:
        Brow Set
        Slick! Strokes on. Adds shine, style, grooming, overall wow! to the brows. A brush-on gel that grooms and slicks brows into shape without flaking or stiffening the brows. Available in several tinted shades or clear, it can be used on its own, or for a nice natural look stroke over Eye Brows. May also be used on lashes, sideburns, and chops – any facial hair. 
        8 g/0.28 oz 
        Brow Finisher
        A slimline wax-style grooming tool specially formulated to shape and hold the brows in place while providing them with a sheer, slick, polished and conditioned-looking finish. Smooth, non-sticky, easy to use. Comes in a slim mechanical applicator. Goes on smoothly, precisely via its slant tip. Available in five natural brow tones, plus a clear. 

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