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The Avon ANEW Vitale line is a breakthrough formula with VitaTone Complex, an exclusive blend of patented and patent-pending ingredients and peptides, that is formulated to help awaken and invigorate dull, tired skin to renew vitality, improve skin tone and give an overall radiant glow.

The ANEW Vitale collection includes:

ANEW Vitale

The collection is great for anyone, regardless of skin tone, wanting a boost in skin radiance.  Products from the line can also be cocktailed with other treatment products from Avon.  I really like the day and night cream and I’m currently using both with  the Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel pads ($25) and the Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector ($39.99) and I’m getting great results. Both creams are light-weight and give me a great moisture boost without feeling like I draped a wet paper towel over my face.  I’m not alone in my love of these products. Based on a clinical study, 9 out of 10 women showed improved clarity and more even toned skin with continued use.

Avon Donates $5 From Sale of Every ANEW Vitale Day/Night Cream

to Breast Cancer Research

Avon believes every woman deserves a brighter future, so for the month of October, with every ANEW Vitale Day or Night Cream purchase, Avon is donating $5 to the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade. (Up to 1 million dollars.)
I very highly recommend you get one of the creams and a treatment product based on your skin care concern. For example, if you are like me and want to even out tone and texture, you can try my cocktail above.  If you are starting to see signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, you may try the Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid with the ANEW Vitale products.  Just remember that for the month of October, $5 from the sale of the every ANEW Vitale Day/Night Cream  will go to  Breast Cancer Research so now is the time to stock up.

P.S.  Feel your boobs (Breast Self Exam) and get them checked regularly by a doctor.  

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Last October, I had the pleasure of seeing the work of David Jay, the fashion photographer behind the Pulitzer prize nominated SCAR Project.  The SCAR Project is “a series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors.”

The experience was moving and powerful one for me and I strongly urge you to see it. You may read ThisThatBeauty’s interview with David Jay here.

The second annual exhibit runs from October 28th through November 6th, 2011. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this amazing exhibit. Tickets are available at EventBrite.

For more information on The SCAR Project, please visit  the exhibit website or Facebook page.

If you attend the exhibit, please take a moment to share your reaction with us at ThisThatBeauty.


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more: @ChristeneCarr  on Twitter and  www.christenecarr.com

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In 2010, more than 10,000 women under the age of 40 will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  David Jay created The Scar Project as a means to raise awareness about the alarming incidents of breast cancer in women under the age of 40.  “The mission is three-fold: Raise public consciousness of early-onset breast cancer, raise funds for breast cancer research/outreach programs and help young survivors see their scars, faces, figures and experiences through a new, honest and ultimately empowering lens.”

David was so moved after his 32 year old friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. “The SCAR Project puts a raw, unflinching face on early onset breast cancer while paying tribute to the courage and spirit of so many brave young women.”  The International Premier Exhibit of The SCAR Project: Surviving Cancer- Absolute Reality, opens October 14th and runs through to 17th.

I had the opportunity to speak with David Jay regarding beauty, The Scar Project and his photography, the result of that conversation is below…

ThisThatBeauty: What prepares you for the emotion that you see in the breast cancer survivors that you photograph?

David Jay: There’s no way to prepare myself for such beautiful, raw emotion. The best I can do as a photographer (and as a man) is to try and create an environment where that emotion can be safely expressed . . . . and be prepared to capture it on film when it is.

ThisThatBeauty: Has the experience with The Scar Project changed the way you relate to women?

David Jay: It has only further validated my respect for them. Strong and courageous with love and humility.  I am very glad to be a man . . . . but they really are a superior gender!

ThisThatBeauty: Having done The Scar Project, has your definition of beauty changed?

David Jay: Not so much my definition of beauty, but hopefully my ability to capture it.

ThisThatBeauty: If you could change one thing about how society and the fashion industry defines beauty, what would that be and why?

David Jay: I’m not sure the definition of beauty needs to be changed. More important is an individual’s reaction to beauty. One needs to understand that the images they see in the magazines are not meant to be a mirror to judge themselves against; not meant to be taken literally. They are meant to be enjoyed. To be feasted upon. To stimulate and seduce. They are fantasy presented as truth. Rarely completely honest. Like a Hollywood movie and created in much the same way; the finished product appearing seamless, effortless, real.

ThisThatBeauty: What is the hardest part about taking on something as serious and as life altering as breast cancer?

David Jay: I struggled shooting The SCAR Project. I was torn. Neither art project nor beauty pageant The SCAR Project is a powerful, beautifully disturbing look into the souls of women confronting a devastating disease. I wanted the pictures to be raw, honest, sincere. Yet I knew why the subjects had come to me; they wanted something beautiful. They had already suffered greatly. And though I desperately wanted to serve them, I knew in my heart that compromising the visual integrity of The SCAR Project for the sake of easily digested beauty would serve no one. Certainly not the people I hoped to be impacted by the images: the public at large who remain blissfully unaware of the risk or reality, anesthetized by pink ribbons and fluffy teddy bears.

ThisThatBeauty: You’ve taken dozens of images of breast cancer survivors, of all these images, which has impacted you the most and why?

David Jay: I was shooting Sara. Things were going nicely, smoothly. Laughter. The pictures looked good. Honest. I was pleased with the images we had captured. I loaded the pictures into the computer and called Sara over to look. Silence. Silence. Tears. Mine too. I grabbed the camera again. That’s the picture you see here.

ThisThatBeauty: Thank you David Jay…for this interview and The SCAR Project.

For more about David Jay, please visit his website. For more breast cancer facts and information go here.  Please see details for The SCAR Project exhibit below.

The International Premier Exhibit


Surviving Cancer- Absolute Reality

October 14-17th

Open House Gallery 201 Mulberry St.

Photography by David Jay

Information and ticket sales www.thescarproject.org


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more: @ChristeneCarr  on Twitter and  www.christenecarr.com

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October 1 marked the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All month long I will profile products and services that dedicate a portion of their proceeds to the support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Elaine Turner: 50% of the proceeds from the purchase of the Liz Flat ($175) or the Stacy Bag ($325) go to The Lester & Sue Smith Breast Cancer Foundation.

Allison Daniel Designs: 50% of the proceeds from the purchase of this flower ring ($68) go to The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Nashelle Designs: 25% of the proceeds from the purchase of their Hope Bracelet ($148) and Hope Necklace ($218) go to The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Meray Arnett: 25% of the Proceeds from the purchase of this Bow Tote ($95) go to The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and finding a cure, Eve Pearl will donate proceeds from the sale of the Pretty N Pink Palette to Susan G. Komen FOR THE CURE.

Pretty N Pink is a gorgeous six shade eye palette. The colors blend beautifully and the rich pigment is incredibly long lasting. The six shadows in the palette range from shimmer to matte, allowing for great versatility.pr30

Colors include: Vintage Wine, Peach Champagne, Cup Cake, Rosina, Sugar Dust, Desert Sand

Today I am continuing my Breast Cancer Awareness coverage with Sweet Grass Farm Hope, Courage & Faith Fragrance Stick SetPicture4

All year long, Sweet Grass will support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating 10% of the proceeds for each sale of its Hope, Courage & Faith Fragrance Stick Set to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The long lasting, yet soft and steady fragrance of Hope, Courage & Faith Fragrance Stick Set is like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Soft infusions of Carnation, Pink Peppercorn, and pepperberry fill the air. The top notes are balanced out with the exotic and grounding notes of pink peppercorn along with green notes of cedar.

Warm your home Hope, Courage, and Faith 🙂

In observation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I am continuing my month long coverage of brands, organizations, and people doing their part to promote breast health.


Elizabeth Hurley has represented Estee Lauder as a Spokesmodel for the past 14 years. For the past nine years, she has traveled the world with Evelyn Lauder to raise awareness for breast health on behalf of the Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The Elizabeth Hurley Lip Design Collection WC5301_311x311-1is created to honor Elizabeth’s efforts and raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The collection, which is housed is a beautiful pink case, includes Elizabeth Pink lipstick, lip liner, and a gorgeous lip gloss.

The Elizabeth Hurley Lip Design Collection is available at all Estee Lauder counters in the US and Puerto Rico and at www.esteelauder.com

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For the month of October, ThisThatBeauty is proud to highlight events, organizations, and individuals in support of raising attention to breast health.


HairArt Recognizes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ten percent of all sales from the H3000 pink collection benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. October marks the 25th anniversary of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and HairArt is celebrating by wearing its pink colors loud and proud.

Over the past two years, HairArt has donated more than $14,000 tothe NBCF through sales from its H3000 Pink products. The collection features an assortment of ceramic and tourmaline products that are beneficial for all hair types. As an added bonus, each product dons the signature National Breast Cancer Foundation pink color and ribbon logo. Products include:

  • Hair Dryer & Ionic Diffuser
  • Deluxe Iron, Wet & Dry Iron, Mini Iron
  •  Tourmaline & Ceramic Brushes & Combs
  • Power clips

“I’m proud that HairArt Products can support a foundation like NBCF where we can truly make a difference by helping to provide free mammograms for the needy, promote early detection awareness education and breast cancer research projects,” says HairArt President Jackie Yu.

Since the NBCF’s inception in 1985, mammography rates have more than doubled for women age 50 and older and breast cancer deaths have declined.

To view the full H3000 Pink collection, visit www.hairartproducts.com. HairArt products are available for purchase on www.beauty.com and www.folica.com. A list of local distributors are available at www.hairartproducts.com.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the month I will use ThisThatBeauty to highlight organizations, events, products, and individuals committed to raising breast health awareness. First up is a brand that is very near and dear to my heart, Estee Lauder.este_lauder_500x375


In 1992, Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.,IMG_2614_2(pictured right) co-created the Pink Ribbon with SELF magazine. Today, the Pink Ribbon has become the worldwide symbol for breast health. The Pink Ribbon was originally designed in a demure shade of pale pink, but in 2003 the ribbon was revamped and changed to the attention grabbing HOT PINK we all know today:)

Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is dedicated to raising awareness and spreading the message that the early detection of breast cancer is key! As Founder and Chairman of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), Evelyn Lauder ‘s commitment runs deep. She began the foundation in 1993 to address the critical the lack of funding for coordinated translational research, especially clinical research for breast cancer.  A minimum of 85 cents of every dollar donated to the BCRF goes directly to breast cancer research and awareness programs. To date, the BCRF has raised over $250 million dollars!

Fifteen of Estee Lauder Comapnies’ brands offer pink products:

  • Aveda
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Bumble and bumble
  • Clinique
  • Darphin
  • DKNY
  • Donna Karan
  • Estee Lauder
  • Jo Malone
  • Lab Series Skincare for Men
  • La Mer
  • Origins
  • Ojon
  • Prescriptives
  • Sean John Fragrances

Pink products are sold in support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation which funds worldwide research. Over the course of the month, ThisThatBeauty will feature Estee Lauder’s Pink Products. Please think PINK and support  continued breast cancer research and awareness.

When asked the ultimate goal of the BCRF, Evelyn Lauder responded:

Our goal is to rid breast cancer from the world and put The Breast Research Foundation out of business.

Well Mrs. Lauder, we’re all behind you 100%!

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