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Most of you will know me for my skin care routine for face, neck and décolletage — but very rarely do I share what happens below the neck/deck. I don’t want to be that girl (yes, girl) who has the amazing face and neck but wears long sleeves sweaters and jeans on the beach to cover up scaly, parched skin. One way that I keep the skin below my neck & deck looking and feeling great is by using Vaseline Total Care Lotion…it has totally decluttered my medicine cabinet. I have girlfriends who feel they have to make a tradeoff between a lotion that feels good, or one that works well — I’m here to tell you that Vaseline Total Moisture does both. Cue the applause track!

Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion Oat Brand Formula

The reformulated VaselineTotal Moisture line features three varieties that are now thicker, more fragrant and packaged in bright, bold colors to help you quickly distinguish it from other items on your vanity or in your medicine cabinet. Each of the three lotions combines the goodness of pure, natural ingredients and the power of the proprietary Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture complex. The hydrating formula absorbs quickly and infuses moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of the skin. Stratys-3 might sound like something from Deep Space Nine but it is relatively easy to explain by looking at its three main components; Glycerol Quat, Glycerin and Hydroxyethl Urea. Glycerol Quat delivers optimal moisture to very top layer of skin’s surface and effectively binds water to the skin. Glycerol Quat is supported by Glycerin’s ability to moisturize the core (or middle layer) of the skin. Hydroxyethyl Urea rounds out the Startys-3 moisture trio in Vaseline Total Care lotion by delivering and holding moisture in the deep down layer of surface skin.

Felicia Walker Benson's Medicine Cabinet
My Medicine Cabinet (The Vaseline Total Care Moisture Lotion is usually laying down on the bottom)

Vaseline Total Care Moisture lotion gives me complete moisture, great fragrance and it feels fantastic on my skin. So, while my neck and deck routine can get a little crazy, caring for my body is relatively simple. How many of you have more than one lotion and layer them to get the desired results? Well, a recent Vaseline study finds that 59% of women have different lotions for different reasons. When these women were further probed, 61% said they own more than one body lotion, and almost one-fourth (23%) say they own more than four. More than four lotions?! It seems women are using one formula for skincare benefits. . . and a second or third formula for scent. I don’t know about you but I absolutely, positively do not have time for all of that when I can get everything from a single product. I mean, #obvs. Click here to find the nearest place to buy Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion.


I’ve shown you my medicine cabinet now show me yours, pretty please …

How many lotions do you currently use and why? Leave your answer in the comments, tweet me, tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I’ll choose 5 winners at random and Vaseline will send you a prize package that includes a 10 ounce Vaseline Total Care Moisture lotion. Enter to get on the road to fabulous skin. Good luck! 🙂

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Kiehl’s introduces a sensorial journey around the world through the launch of Aromatic Blends, a scented body collection. Each scent composition is representative of an exotic location where Kiehl’s sources its fair trade ingredients for various formulations. Vanilla and Cedarwood from Uganda, Fig Leaf and Sage from Provence, Orange Flower and Lychee from Morocco, Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit from Japan.  The Aromatic Blends scents are formulated with fewer ingredients than traditional scents so they’re cleaner and more representative of the underlying main ingredients.

 Keihl's Vanilla & Cedarwood Range

The Aromatic Blends line has three products: skin softening body lotion, skin softening body cleanser and fragrance.

The Keihl’s Skin Softening Body Lotion is formulated without silicones  but instead uses Squalene and Crprylic/Capric Triglyceride to provide and lock in moisture  without leaving a greasy residue. The body lotion delivered enough hydration that lasted through an entire summer day. My best results  came when I did an entire  body application immediately after bathing and towel drying, then a second application to my elbows, knees and feet after a few minutes. The fragrance in the lotion is subtle yet distinctive. Suggested Price $26

The Kiehl’s Skin Softening Body Cleanser provided light lather and did a good job of cleansing without over drying my skin. If you are used to fruity/sweet smells in the shower, mix it up a bit and try Fig Leaf and Sage — it’s great in the evening.  The Orange Flower and Lychee is awesome in the morning, a nice way to wake up. Suggested Price $24

The Fragrances are simple and clean – perfect for summer. I tried the Vanilla and Cedarwood which started out very sweet but  after an hour faded quite a bit and I was left with a hint of woody spiciness. For my next application of the Vanilla and Cedarwood fragrance, I layered with a citrusy fragrance after about an hour – amazing! Starting at $40 for 30ml.

All Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends products are made from naturally–derived ingredients and formulated without parabens, silicones and sulfates. This collection is a great way to experience a myriad of exotic scents. Try mixing and matching the various scents to create your own unique blend or try all the items from a particular scent to create a more intense experience.  Either way, you should definitely experience Kiehl’s sensorial world tour.

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