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If the title doesn’t lure you in immediately, seeing a picture of my blow out that I received from TheStylisted service will do it. At this point, blow dry bars are a dime a dozen, popping up in every major city faster than Starbucks (ok maybe not THAT fast). Last summer I had to go to a wedding and needed to get my hair and makeup done for the evening. I decided to do my own makeup since I know my way around a set of brushes, but went to a blow dry bar to do my hair. First – it began raining as soon as I got there. Second – I was pressed for time and my stylist was running a tad behind. Third – I left the salon and the passing rain storm had left enough humidity and moisture in the air to sabotage my blow out. RUDE. It would have been so much easier to have both my makeup and hair done at home so I could save myself the added hassle on an already stressful day. Well it seems that TheStylisted heard my prayers. Founded by two beauty industry veterans, this service is the closest thing to having your own personal glam squad at your beck and call. TheStylisted service offers “on-location hair styling and makeup applications from a network of freelance beauty professionals”. A standard blow out was my service of choice and below is the end result.

The Stylisted

I’ll let you take all that fabulous hair in for a minute – it’s a lot I know. Just imagine how I felt after – I must have taken 1250 selfies that evening sending them to everyone I knew. Yes the end product was better than just about any blow out I had in the past, but the booking process was just as pleasant.

How TheStylisted Works:

  1. Choose the date, time, city and type of service you would like to book.
  2. Browse stylists’ bios, photo galleries, pricing and reviews. Select the best fit for you. (I picked Kailie Joe for my blow out – and clearly I made a winning choice!)
  3. Check out via their secure payment processor.
  4. Receive an email confirming final details of appointment
  5. Your stylist arrives ready to rock your beauty loving world.

In addition to blow outs, TheStylisted offers dry styling, up dos, braiding, makeup application and lashes. Beginning this month, TheStylisted is now available in Chicago and New York, with plans to expand to Los Angeles and Miami later this year. Download the app or visit the website to book your appointment.

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I was raised in the South (Virginia Beach) to be exact, and while I don’t consider myself a true Southern Belle, I did develop a strong affinity for the big hair often affiliated with anything below the Mason Dixon line. It’s quite the challenge to find stylists and salons in Manhattan that keep the dream alive – as everyone is trying to smooth, straighten, and keratin-infuse our strands. So when I strolled into the Elizabeth Arden Salon and Spa on 5th avenue for a Saturday afternoon blow-out, I expected much of the same sleek hair akin to any chic NYC salon, but to my delight what I got was so much bigger, literally. While you remain in suspense of my big hair reveal, a quick mention of the stunning décor must be made. Located 8 floors above the bustling and iconic 5th avenue, the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa is a quiet and chic urban oasis complete with spa rooms, makeup stations and rows and rows of salon chairs for all your hair wants and needs. Here is what awaits you when you exit the elevator:

Such an iconic sign
What a lobby!


My appointment was with Billy D. Williams (and yes, I did have to use his entire name because it’s awesome), and the first question he asked me was, “are we going to give you big, bouncy hair?!” I held back from throwing my arms around his neck and hugging him, in favor of a more refined and subdued “Sure, that sounds great.” 15 minutes later, I was coiffed to the hilt and feeling fabulous – and almost dropping a “Ya’ll” in the process. What do you think of the final look?

A masterpiece in the making.


Big, Bouncy Hair!

To book your appointment with Billy or at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon, visit their website or call (212)546-0200.

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As the summer temps continues to climb, my hair continues to misbehave in favor of frizzing out and flying away any which way it chooses.  So, you can imagine my relief when I was invited to visit celebrity stylist Louise O’Connor at the OC61 salon for a blow out and to try the Black 15 in 1 miracle hair treatment. Knowing this fabulous salon is quietly tucked away just one half block from Barneys, I couldn’t race their fast enough.  The entire Black 15 in 1 line is comprised of a shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment, which appeals to my minimalist hair routine [leaving more time in the morning for my sometimes “un-minimalist” makeup routine.]

Upon meeting Louise, who is the face of the Black 15 in 1 brand, she was extremely passionate about the hair treatment’s multipurpose and ease of use.  They often say passion is infectious, so my excitement only continued and I was ready to see and try the product for myself.  The treatment is gluten, paraben and sulfate free and formulated with amazing ingredients such as silk proteins, kertain, vitamin B5 and aloe vera.  As I settled into the styling chair, she let me feel the product first before applying to the hair – which had a water-like texture with virtually none of the dreaded hair product stickiness. Able to be used wet or dry, and suitable for all hair types, the Black 15 in 1 miracle hair treatment truly works like a miracle by adding shine, softening, smoothing, detangling, protecting hair color, and preventing frizz, just to name a few.

Here is my finished blow-out – smooth, sleek and soooo shiny.  I felt no evidence of the product in my hair – and my hair felt, for lack of a better term, bouncier.  Yes, bouncier.  It has a swing to it that is not normally present on my own blow outs, and truth be told, lasted longer than most professional blow outs I have had.  But then I would expect nothing less from a product with miracle claims.  Nothing pleases me more than a product that delivers what it promises – that’s the true miracle for me.

To try this treatment, make an appointment with Louise or her team , call 212-935-6261. The Black 15 in 1 products are also available on their website and range in price from $7.50 -$44.

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