TheStylisted: A New On-Location Beauty Service

Blow out from The Stylisted

If the title doesn’t lure you in immediately, seeing a picture of my blow out that I received from TheStylisted service will do it. At this point, blow dry bars are a dime a dozen, popping up in every major city faster than Starbucks (ok maybe not THAT fast). Last summer I had to go [...]

ThisThatBeauty Review: Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

Big, Bouncy Hair!

I was raised in the South (Virginia Beach) to be exact, and while I don’t consider myself a true Southern Belle, I did develop a strong affinity for the big hair often affiliated with anything below the Mason Dixon line. It’s quite the challenge to find stylists and salons in Manhattan that keep the dream [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Black 15 in 1 Hair Treatment

Black 15 in 1 Hair Treatment

As the summer temps continues to climb, my hair continues to misbehave in favor of frizzing out and flying away any which way it chooses.  So, you can imagine my relief when I was invited to visit celebrity stylist Louise O’Connor at the OC61 salon for a blow out and to try the Black 15 [...]

Hair Chameleon

ThisThatBeauty is a Hair Chameleon

Hi! My name is Felicia &  I am a Hair Chameleon. I can’t be the only one. . . Comment and share!