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Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

What’s in a name?  Practically everything if you ask me!  So it should come as no surprise that my experience with any of Bliss’ products was just that – blissful.  As a long proponent of the Triple Oxygen Facial at the spas, I was thrilled to achieve that same glow in the comfort of my own home using the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask.  Though I highly doubt my tiny, pre-war nyc apartment could impart the same feelings of comfort of a Bliss spa, but let’s go with it, shall we?  Touted as one of their signature menu items, the Triple Oxygen facial delivers oxygen to the skin “like a breath of fresh air”, and then combines vitamins and powerful enzymes – to achieve the noted results of invigorated and glowing skin.  The Instant Energizing Mask mimics many of the same properties as the facial delivering oxygen to the skin through its innovative Fluid02 technology and using Vitamin C and anti-oxidants to help erase free-radical damage and give the skin a lighter, tighter appearance.

The texture of the gel is lightweight and cooling.


As you apply to wet skin, it begins to foam.


After a few minutes, the foam should cover the skin. Rinse at this time.

The texture of the mask is a lightweight and cooling gel that is to be applied to a damp face.  Almost immediately as I began smoothing the gel onto my face, it began to foam up and produce a slight tingling sensation which felt more refreshing than alarming.  After the instructed 3-5 minutes, rinse off the remaining foam and skin is left feeling glowing and radiant.  For me, my skin immediately felt smoother, more toned and extremely well hydrated.  Any moisturizer that I followed with seemed to instantly melt right into my skin.  Suggested use is 1-2 times/wk, but I may have been engaging in mask-like behavior for as much as 3-4 times per week.  With results like this, who could blame me?  Finding one’s bliss is strictly personal.

The Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is available at Sephora and the Bliss website, and retails for $54.00.

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