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Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files

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Every month the Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Girls gush with excitement over what’s cool and new. Here’s the December run down of the beauty you need now!

Christian Louboutin Beaute Limited-Edition Starlight Lacquer


WHY YOU NEED IT: Does every girl not need the most extravagant nail lacquer known to man? Decked out in 1,500 hand-applied Swarovski® crystals (and only 1,000 pieces available globally) this lacquer/ jewel collaboration is truly a rare and exquisite find.

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December Beauty Picks



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With the holiday season upon us, I can’t help but get my into a gift-giving state of mind and, inevitably, fragrance is part of the equation. But pairing the right scent to the right individual can prove challenging…and even downright disastrous.  Luckily I’ve got friends in fragrant places.

How to Choose Fragrance for Someone Else

I recently sat down with Roberto Adolfo Vargas, Northeast Regional Educator for Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and asked a zillion questions (okay, about four) on the topic of choosing fragrance as a gift for someone else. Check the Bergdorf Goodman Blog where Mr. Vargas  shares How To Choose Perfume For Someone Else.


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Patchology Energizing Eye Patches

They look a little weird…there’s no denying that. But think of Patchology Energizing Eye Patches as little press on recharging stations for overworked eyes. Feeling fatigued? Try Patchology. Excess under eye baggage? Patchology! Looking a little dull? Yep, Patchology! For every aging concern of the eye, there’s a patch for that…actually, two patches.

Intrigued?  Click below to read my review on the Bergdorf Goodman blog.

Patchology Energizing Eye Patches Review

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It’s finally fall. . . let’s update our pulse points accordingly. Here are a few Fall Fragrances You Need Now:

Kilian Back to Black Aphrodisiac Jeweled Clutch & Bottle

An uncommon composition of tobacco, honey, fruit, woods and amber…Back to Black Aphrodisiac lives up to its name.


Houbigant Iris des Champs (Exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman)

A woody floral with musk base, Houbigant Iris des Champs is the perfect pick for mixing things up and embracing spring in fall.

Want more Fall Fragrances? Head on over to the Bergdorf Goodman Blog to see all my picks.

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Every month the Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Girls gush with excitement over what’s cool and new. Here’s the October run down of the beauty you need now.

Amore Pacific LIMITED EDITION PRIME RESERVE Epidynamic Activating Creme

Amore Pacific Prime Reserve


Because, in as little as an hour, slack skin begins to tighten. The formulation lynchpin is a super rare species of green tea that activates skin’s longevity gene and essentially instructs skin to act young and prevent future signs of aging. Skin immediately achieves optimal levels of hydration, plumpness and radiance.

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It’s time to bid a fond bye-bye to lip gloss and stains. Lipstick season is upon us and the season’s best reds, berries and plums are here. Read on as I share the six lipsticks to wear now.


Kick off the season in a bold, true red with Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick, Rouge Kiss. If a deep, impactful pout is your end game, reach for Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color, Bruised Plum….it’s a chic, modern take on the classic vampy lip.


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Every month the BG Beauty Girls gush with excitement over what’s cool and new. Here are the September Beauty Picks that you need right now.

Charlotte Tilbury 




Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher 


Chances are there’s nothing in your beauty repertoire quite like this. Sculpt and flush cheeks with this genius all-in-one compact. Choose from six beautifully flattering shades. We’re really into “The Climax” for deeper skin tones and “Ecstasy” for skin that’s fair.


Tom Ford Beauty




Black Cherry Nail Lacquer 


Why tiptoe quietly into fall? Go for the gusto with this intensely pigmented lacquer. The blackened-plum shade is pitch perfect for transitioning to autumn. Sport Black Cherry short and chic with a slightly oval shape…just stunning!

Want to discover more of my September Beauty Picks?  Head on over to the Bergdorf Goodman Blog!



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While I hate to admit it — summer is winding down. True story…just check the calendar. But if you’re not quite ready to welcome the crisp temperatures of fall, these six summer scents will help stretch your summer lovin’ just a little bit further.


Robert Piguet Gardenia

Floral yet slightly woody, this sparkling Gardenia scent is a classic, feminine choice. We love the fresh, modern feel.

NOTES: Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Leather, Madagascar Vanilla, Cashmeran

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Forever Summer: Six Scents That Feel Like Summer


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Choosing the right foundation for your skin type can be a real challenge. Too oily, and hello – clogged pores. Too matte, and “where did those fine lines come from?” But, choose the formula that is just right — and a poreless, perfectly flawless, blemish-free complexion is yours!  Head over to the Bergdorf Goodman Blog where I’ll help you to select the best foundation type for your skin.




 How To Choose The Right Foundation

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Is better skin by morning possible? I say ‘yes’!

It’s no secret that nighttime is the right time for skin renewal — while you log a blissful eight hours of sleep, skin naturally repairs and rejuvenates. Want to fast track your results? Pair a power-packed night cream with a good night’s sleep and complexion perfection is yours by morning. Now on the Bergdorf Goodman Blog, I share top picks for the best night cream for your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.


Night Cream: What You Need In Your 20′s, 30′s, 40′s

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Navigating the many serum options can confuse even the savviest skin care shopper.  Add on the eye-squinting task of figuring out which serum works best for your age-specific concerns, and well — it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel. Luckily, you’ve got me! Head over to the Bergdorf Goodman Blog where I break it down and share the best serums for skin in your 20s, 30s and 40s. Sulwhasoo-First-Care-Activating-Serum

Serums: What You Need In Your 20′s, 30′s, 40′s

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The warm glow of summer has finally settled in and you would  think I’d switch to flirty florals or notes crisp and bright. But, no…I prefer to buck the trend and embrace all things exotic. I’m talking elegant blends of amber, spice, musk and leather. There’s something wildly alluring about the way deep, sultry scents interact with skin during the warmer months. Head over to the Bergdorf Goodman Blog where I share Six Uncommon Scents To Try For Summer.



Six Uncommon Scents To Try For Summer

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Big power brows are back! Honestly, they have been a thing for quite some time and I’m happy about it.  Gone are the days of the over shaped brow that made women look like super villains.  Big bushy brows frames the face and adds just a bit of drama and intrigue.  Follow along in this post on the Bergdorf Goodman blog, as I show you how to create statement-making power brows in three easy steps.


Power Brows

Get The Look: Power Brows


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