Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Six Uncommon Scents To Try For Summer


The warm glow of summer has finally settled in and you would  think I’d switch to flirty florals or notes crisp and bright. But, no…I prefer to buck the trend and embrace all things exotic. I’m talking elegant blends of amber, spice, musk and leather. There’s something wildly alluring about the way deep, sultry scents [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Get The Look – Power Brows

Power Brows

Big power brows are back! Honestly, they have been a thing for quite some time and I’m happy about it.  Gone are the days of the over shaped brow that made women look like super villains.  Big bushy brows frames the face and adds just a bit of drama and intrigue.  Follow along in this [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Six Lipsticks That Hydrate Like A Balm


Rich color and intense hydration need not be mutually exclusive. Many lipsticks now incorporate good-for-skin ingredients that help keep lips soft, nourished and on color trend!  In this post on the Bergdorf Goodman Blog, I share six lipsticks that hydrate like a balm. Six Lipsticks That Hydrate Like A Balm

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Five Simple Steps To Control Oily Skin


As a card carry member of the oily face club, I know there’s a fine line between dewy and downright oily. And if you’re all too familiar with the dreaded midday makeup meltdown, these five tips for shine-free skin are for you. . . TONE: Restore balance and reduce excess sebum production with a skin-soothing facial tonic or toner. La [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Garden-Inspired Beauty


Today’s beauty cues come straight from the garden. Think sun-kissed, floral, vibrant and bright. These Garden-Inspired Beauty picks are just the thing to elevate your mood and help channel the glorious days of early spring. . . click here to see my picks. Garden-Inspired Beauty

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Five Beauty Essentials for Spring

130169-11-Guerlain-bubble blush Cherry

It’s finally spring. Finally! Since it feels like it has been winter forever (still does), I am overjoyed at the thought of fresh new shades for eyes, cheeks and lips. A girl craves change, so naturally a rundown of spring-inspired essentials is in order.    Guerlain Meteorites Bubble Blush       Bobbi Brown Art Sticks   [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: 8 Beauty Products You Need Right Now


After all of the statement-making lips, bolder than bold cat eyes and pop art inspired nails, I find it refreshing to ease into the never fail comfort of a nice, complexion-mimicking neutral.  Head over to Bergdorf Goodman blog  to see  eight universally flattering beauty musts for face, cheeks, lips and nails… The New Neutrals: Eight Beauty Products You [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: The Lancer Method

Lancer Method

My love of skincare knows no bounds and I’m always intrigued by new ways to care for  skin, afterall, it is the body’s largest organ. When I learned about the Lancer Method I had to share it with you! I mean, what kind of beauty guru would I be if I didn’t? So, what is [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Beauty Oils 101


If you’ve been paying attention to beauty trends you might have noticed a spike in the use of oils in beauty routines.  If you say “NO” to incorporating beauty oils into your routine, it’s time to rethink your perception. From head to toe, antioxidant rich oils help achieve the glow, de-age the skin, combat oiliness, calm [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Cold Weather Skin Essentials


Gearing up for winter generally involves replacing last year’s tattered gloves and perhaps, the purchase of a warm a new coat. But is a restorative face oil or a rich, cushiony face cream on your checklist of winter essentials? If not, it should be. For me, cold weather prep involves more than just cozy cashmere and dusting [...]