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You’ve got a big date but you are so busy that you wait until the last possible moment to schedule your appointment at your regular salon – but you’re a regular, you even know the name of your stylist’s goldfish, so you’ve convinced yourself that they can’t turn you away. Wrong! What do you do?  You whip out your phone and do a quick search and start  frantically dialing all salons in a 30 block radius. Nothing! But  you can’t cancel your date. Panic sets in and even though you haven’t done your own roots since that time in college when you and your girlfriend wanted to save money, you rush to the drugstore and pick up a box of what you think is your color and rush home to DO IT YOURSELF! Another mistake. So you apply your color, shampoo, condition and rinse out your hair and it’s a shade of green Kermit would be drawn to. After tears and many vows to never do your own color again you head out to your date in a top knot and a turban where you get quizical looks and blank stares.

Now, how could this situation have ended better? Well, maybe a sleek topknot with dirty hair and severely overgrown roots would have been better but you were in a panic and couldn’t think straight.

There is a better way…Beauty Booked.

Beauty Booked provides members with 24 hour insider access to discover and book the best salon and spa services in New York City.  Founders Hillary and Ratika, painstakingly visit each of the salons listed and test their services before they’re able to be a part of the Beauty Booked site. In addition to being able to book appointments online, members can discover tips and tricks and read reviews from beauty experts and other Beauty Booked members. Each appointment booked earns members points that can then be redeemed for salon and spa services. The concept was born after Hillary and Ratika, former beauty executives, found themselves playing phone tag and waiting on hold to schedule last minute beauty appointments.

When I heard the concept and  saw how easy it was to sign up and book appointments I immediately thought “wow, why didn’t I think of this?”

Visit Beauty Booked to sign up and search a curated assortment of salons and spas, book your salon and spa appointments instantly and free, discover beauty tips and tricks and earn points towards beauty services.  With Beauty Booked, even last minute appointments are possible. I think once you discover the ease and convenience of booking all your salon and spa appointments through Beauty Booked you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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