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ThisThatBeauty is growing and we want YOU! Well, we want you if you meet the criteria below (there’s always a catch!)


  • Excellent writer
  • Defined point-of-view with unique/ distinct tone and flair for writing
  • Contribute at least one article per week
  • Avid user of social media platforms (particularly Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube)
  • Available for editorial meetings once every two months
  • Available to attend at least two events in the New York City per month
How to apply:
  • Please send an email to Christene[at]ThisThatBeauty.com with the following information:
  • Name and Address
  • Two writing samples
  • Link to your blog (if applicable)
  • List your social media names/handles
  • Respond to the question: What is your favorite thing about color cosmetics and skincare?

Good luck, aspiring TTB Contributors!!


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Au revoir, New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 13. What a week! I mean, when you kick off the week with a snowstorm (Hey, Nemo, hey) you just know things are going to be eventful — and eventful they were!

Braving Nemo
Here I am Day 1, braving Nemo!

On Saturday, February 9, I participated in HP’s Blogger Panel Discussion on the integration of Fashion and Technology. The panel was held at Skylight Studio and afterwards, there was a Project Runway Reunion Party (but more the party later).

HP Project Runway Fashion & Technology Panel
HP Project Runway Fashion & Technology Panel

I had the pleasure of sharing the panel with Moderator Yuli Ziv (Founder & CEO of Style Coalition), Synde Summer (Sydne Style), Lauren Dimet Waters (Second City Style), and Sarah Conley (StyleIt). During the panel I enjoyed discussing how technology influences creativity and how we use technology to enhance our coverage and build on our ideas. For example, using HP technology, lots designers now use tablets to sketch and conceptualize their collections. . . not long ago, this technology was available only to those with deep pockets — but now it’s readily to the masses. While on the panel, it was great to hear the thoughts of other influencers (my fellow panelists) and their ideas on how technology helps to manage their hectic schedules and day-to-day tasks.

During the panel I shared my personal takeaways on blogging and technology:

– #TeamTablet …The Tablet is the way to go! My on-the-go lifestyle demands technology that is easy, efficient, and lightweight. HP delivers!

– Send in the clones …Through the use of advanced technology, I am able to be in many places at one…all while being at home in my PJ’s. You have to love that!

After the panel, it was time for the party! And what a party it was…wall-t0-wall former Project Runway cast members everywhere!

Project Runway Reunion Party
Recognize any of your favorites?

Project Runway Reunion Party

Project Runway Reunion Party

Project Runway Reunion Party

Project Runway Reunion Party

All in all, HP/ Project Runway was a major highlight of my Fashion Week. I got to flex my inner nerd and talk tech, while also sharing my passion for fashion, beauty, and personal style. I also had the opportunity to recharge daily at the Style Coalition/ HP Press Lounge at the Empire Hotel. . . this was nothing short of a God send. In between shows, I was able to get a bite to eat, update my blog, post a few tweets, and charge my phone — all very crucial things for my on-the-go lifestyle!

For more of my HP/ Project Runway coverage, check out my videos on Vine. Also follow my Instagram account (@ThisThatBeauty #HPProjectRunway). . .you’ll find some really cool pictures from the event!

Until next season!


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Blogging is a full time job for many. However, not all bloggers started their blogs as a career.  It is relatively easy to get a blog started and sometimes all you have to give up is time. But once readership and followers increase, what should you pay for and when exactly is the right time to start paying for more than the basics?  Recently, Independent Fashion Bloggers covered this topic in the article, “Splurge vs. Save: Spending Advice From Blogging Experts.” Felicia was asked to share her thoughts, her response is below:


“I currently use WordPress and like the functionality, and in terms of investing dollars into “blogging-related equipment,” I have invested very little to-date and utilize low, to no-cost services. I feel my resources are better spent on actual administrative and editorial support. For example, I have an Associate Editor who helps to manage TTB writers, wrangle assignments, field emails and inquiries, and helps oversee my editorial calendar. She’s worth every penny!”

Click here to read the complete article.


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Fridays with Felicia: An intimate look behind the curtain as I share my favorite style/ beauty discoveries and ThisThatBeauty shenanigans from previous week


What a week girls (mostly) and boys! The Ugg Australia Socialista Girls Night Out fête was much needed and much appreciated. The rooftop affair was hosted by everyone’s favorite “Midtown Girl“, Amy Chandra.

Your favorite digital dolls came out to support Amy’s first ever blogger event.

[L to R. . . @fashionpulse, @YuliZ, @MissWhoEverUR, @Clutch_22, @midtowngirl, @themakeupgirl, moi]

Getting a mani with @Cocoabebe


Here are more pics of the event:

While at the Ugg showroom I had the opportunity to experience the Ugg x Essie Nail Color collaboration. Not sure about y’all, but I find myself totally focused on Fall beauty (in fact, I wax poetically on the topic on @ Bergdorfs blog)…so the deep, purpley, plum shade was right up my alley!

For MORE MORE MORE on Ugg Socialista Blogger event, visit Midtown Girl…she’s got pics galore and lots of fun deets!

[Uhm, Miss Amy….you totally hit a home run on your first event!..looking forward to the next!]


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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