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By a show of hands, who’s enamored with French beauty? Everyone, right?

I absolutely crave the rituals and beauty secrets of French women. There’s just something about the French beauty aesthetic that I cannot get enough of…the mood is chic & understated, yet undeniably present. For years I’ve dabbled in French beauty products ranging from creams and treatments serums, to haircare and color cosmetics.

with Jean Patou Parfumer

I recently had the opportunity to visit Paris and spend intimate time behind-the-scenes with five incredible French brands: Orlane, Leonor Greyl, Jean Patou, Patyka, and Talika.


The thought of this rare experience immediately appealed to me. While pretty colors and lovely packaging send my heart sailing, my expertise as a Beauty Girl is deeply rooting in gaining a deeper understanding of brand heritage, product ingredients, formulation, efficacy, delivery systems, etc.

Orlane Headquaters

So, when offered the chance to travel to Paris and meet with the owners and R&D professionals behind five of Paris’ most successful brands, well — only an act of God could have prevented me from going!

Over the next few weeks, I will share my Parisian Beauty Tour with you:

– You’ll learn all about the life changing Leonor Greyl hair treatment and treatment technique that has forever changed how I care for my hair…I’ll share the products used (lucky you — they’re available in the US) and insider tips on how to get the results of your life.

– I’ll share how I fell in love with fragrance house Jean Patou.

– As a new mom (to be!), I’m really getting into products that are both organic and effective – key word: effective! So learning about Patyka was an absolute pleasure…can’t wait to tell you more about the line and the products with which I’m having tremendous success.

– Beauty innovation gets me going…and, oh the things I learned while visiting with Talika! Stay tuned…

House of Orlane was truly a unique and special experience. During my trip I took lots of video of rarely seen archives and original product packaging. And since my return three weeks ago, I’ve been faithfully using Orlane’s #1 elixir and cream…can’t wait to share more!

Stay plugged in more, more more!

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What if I told you that playing in mud is great for your skin? You would probably say you’ve heard that before and that you don’t have time to  regularly play in mud . Well, fear not, Neydharting Moor has bottled up the best of what mud offers to deliver all the amazing benefits without any of the mess or inconvenience.

Moor mud  is not actually mud, it is a water soluble composite called peat that forms over thousands of years and  is made up of hundreds of botanicals and other organic matter that form in swampy or wetland conditions where there is very low flow of oxygen… hence a very low rate of decomposition. Moor mud, or peat, is  rich in plant hormones, bio-minerals, trace-elements, vitamins, amino and fatty acids.

Neydharting Moor, found in Austria, is the source of the peat used in its namesake products. Neydharting Moor is rich in anti-aging botanicals, herbs and vitamins that have been recognized over centuries for their ability to calm, soothe, balance and clarify the skin. Proprietary to the Peat and Peat Water of the Neydharting Moor in Austria, Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care products are formulated with a unique blend of ingredients taken from the Moor.

“The product line is used during treatments at Austria’s world-famous Moorbad Neydharting Clinic, where treatments at this facility often have a two-year wait period. Neydharting Moor Skin and Body Care products are available exclusively from www.moorskincare.com and internationally in Austria and South Africa. The spa treatments are also available at Canyon Ranch.”

Here is a list of the products available:
The Body Line

Intense Body Cream – Soothing and moisturizing body cream to deeply nourish and protect dry, sensitive skin.

The Essential Line

Revitalizing Toner – An invigorating toner made with 90% Neydharting Peat Water to refresh and revitalize the skin.
Intense Hydration Cream AM – A hydrating daytime moisturizer that firms and restores elasticity.

The Advanced Line

Ageless Eye Cream – A delicate eye cream infused with age-defying antioxidants to minimize wrinkles and reduce puffiness
Intense Regenerating Serum – A potent antioxidant cream-gel to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin.
Repair & Renewal Cream – A dynamic peptides treatment that visibly improves the appearance of skin.
The Balm – Face & Body – A moisturizing balm for dry, irritated or sensitive skin.

I’ll be dedicating a whole month to this line starting in a few weeks.  With so many hydrating benefits, I think late fall into winter is a perfect time to try these products.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (ChristeneCarr) to see my results as they happen.

For more on  Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care products visit the company’s website.

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How often do you evaluate your skin care routine? I mean, really critically analyze the needs of your skin against the efficacy of your products. Perhaps the serum you’re using is great for managing acne, but that was five years ago and suddenly you’ve noticed tiny fine lines on your forehead. Or, perhaps your usual daily moisturizer feels great and applies well, but when stacked against current technology and advanced delivery systems, you realize that in addition to increasing hydration, maybe there are creams on the market that also eradicate wrinkles, fight hyperpigmentation, and leave a luminous finish.

I say all of this to say: Skin beyond the age of 20ish regularly goes through a laundry list of changes. It’s up to you to make sure that the products you apply topically are the cream (pun intended) of the crop and best suited for skin’s changing needs.

Does your skin suffer from diminished vitality? Is it not as plump, smooth, and supple as it used to be? In just four weeks, ANEW Genics Treatment Cream (patented with YouthGenTM Technology – inspired by genetic research on human longevity) is a fairly recent skin care breakthrough that promises to do a Cher (“turn back time”) in as little as four weeks. By boosting specific skin proteins, ANEW Genics Treatment Cream stimulates skin’s Youth Gene and triggers younger acting skin. Momma ThisThatBeauty has been enjoying the benefits ever since I gave her a jar about a month ago. Recently, I could not help but marvel over mom’s much improved 58-year old skin…Isn’t she pretty?!

Most women first reach for an eye cream somewhere around early 20’s…usually due to the effects of dryness, puffiness, or dark circles. However, as skin matures, the prevention of fine lines, wrinkles and creasing is a primary concern. Newly launched, SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream smooths the early signs of aging at the corners of eyes and underneath.

The signature complex, a proprietary blend of Pitera™, Oli-Vityl (anti-oxidant protection), Signaline, and concentrated levels of Niacinamide, work in concert to reduce dull appearance, increase hydration, and firm the look of crepe-y skin. SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream is serious treatment for eyes and an appropriate next step option for those of us in search of an eye cream that does more…much more! (ME!!)

It all sounds so sci-fi…A renewable energy project, turned anti-aging discovery is the real life true story inception of Algenist. Picture it: A team of San Francisco based biotechnology scientists were hard at work developing microalgae-based renewable energy solutions when they uncovered “alguronic acid”, a powerful compound connected to cell regeneration. When tested in clinical trials, younger-looking resulted…in as little as 10 days. Yes, 10 days! Now, who doesn’t have 10 days to put the claim to the test?

Ladies, start your engines…I mean, er, start your infrared LED light. Sure, topicals are effective…but why not work deeper? LightStim helps create collagen (the secret to plump, line-free skin) and improve skin’s elasticity by emitting pain-free amber and red infrared LED light. The wavelengths energize skin’s youth cells and promote radiant, brilliant complexion. The handheld, at-home device is a must add to your routine. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Give your skin the attention it deserves. Take a step back. Look in the mirror. Survey your skin. Now, survey your medicine cabinet? Are you well-equipped to handle the skin care challenges before you? If not, re-read this blog post and compile your shopping list. Thank me later!

Lumene products fuse technology and Artic natural ingredients to create targeted skin care potions that take the guess work out of choosing. Product categories and offerings are broken down based on age, skin type, and usage. The packaging includes an easy-to-use age range usage scale (back of packaging) and color coded matching system to clearly identify products in each line, and sun/moon symbols to denote day or night usage.

The Vitamin C+ product range is designed for women 25+. The use of cluodberry seed oil and nectar, lingonberry, blueberry and cranberry seed oil along with Vitamin C, offer optimal protection against the signs of aging and provide detoxifying benefits.

Excellent Future is designed for women 30+ (like yours truly). The products help to promote skin’s ability to repair. According to Lumene, through the unique formulation called ApplexcellT, which contains stem cells from the Scandinavian Uttwiler Spatlauber apple and Arctic white peat, skin’s structure is strengthened by improving its barrier system and moisture balance.

Time Freeze is for women 40+. The product range contains Artic heather and plant proteins, and according to Lumene, “extract from heather flowers help maintain healthy levels of collagen and elastin fibers in skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines.” Arbutin, a skin brightener, is found in the stalks of the heather plant and help to lighten and prevent pigment changes.

Premium Beauty products are formulated for 50+ skin. The line is intended to  “minimize the signs of aging and boost skin’s natural functions to achieve firmer, smoother texture and a more even (skin) tone.” The Premium Beauty products use Scandinavian sea buckthorn oil and nectar as well as aTri-peptide compound.

For beauties with sensitive skin, Lumene has a specially formulated line just for you! The products are developed in cooperation with Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation, a non-profit public health organization based in Helsinki. Free of parabens, fragrance, mineral oils, alcohol and silicones — the Sensitive Touch line is a custom fit for finicky skin.

So, no matter what your skin type, chances are you will find a Lumene product that is right for you. Lumene products are available at CVS, Sears, Ulta Beauty and Target. Stay tuned for a review of products from the Excellent Future line.


This post was written by @ChristeneCarr


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Elizabeth Arden’s Plump Perfect Firming Facial Mask, has ceramides as one of the active ingredients.  The other active ingredient, Argireline, is nicknamed “Botox in a jar.”  Before I divulge the results of my treatment I know you are dying to learn what ceramides and Argireline are and how they work, so, here goes.

Ceramides are lipids found naturally in the stratum corneum, the outer most layer of the epidermis.  The stratum corneum contains three types of lipids or fats, ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol.  There are nine types of ceramides, named ceramide 1, ceramide 2 and so on.  Each ceramide has subsets but we need not get that scientific. Ceramides makes up about 40-50% of the total lipids in the stratum corneum and helps to hold skin cells together giving it a smooth, firm appearance. As we age, the amount of ceramide in our stratum corneum is reduced, this makes skin dry, leading to fine lines and wrinkles.  Egad! Argireline is a synthetic peptide developed to fight the effects of aging.  It is said to block the transmissions from the muscle to the skin, thereby helping the face to be relaxed and appear smoother.

Elizabeth Arden has a whole line of ceramide products. The Plump Perfect Firming Facial Mask uses ceramides 1, 3 and 6 along with Argireline, in an attempt to plump skin and relax the face, giving it a “retexturized and renewed” look.  According to the manufacturer, the masks holds six times more Argireline than other Plump Perfect products.

After cleansing and toning with my regular products, I added the Ceramide Plump Perfect Firming Facial Mask and waited the prescribed ten minutes.  I removed the mask and massaged the remaining serum (left by the mask) into my skin.  My skin was noticeably softer but not much else was different.

The box contains four masks with suggested use for once per week, for four weeks. I gave my aunt (who is about 25 years older that I am) the remaining three masks. After one use, she reported that her skin was softer, but smoothness and firmness remain unchanged.  The claim that “skin will look firmer, retexturized and renewed” in just ten minutes is not quite true.   On the upside – this mask (and it’s packaging) would be great when traveling, it’s a quick and easy way to restore a bit of moisture to the face and it will give you ten minutes to put your feet up and relax.

This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more: @ChristeneCarr on Twitter  and her blog  www.christenecarr.com.

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Next month The Body Shop will introduce the Natrulift skincare collection. The line is an innovative collection of anti-aging creams formulated with organic pomegranate. Natrulift combines the natural properties of pomegranate with the latest in skincare technology. The complete collection includes:

  • Softening Cream Cleanser  – a moisturizing and softening cream based cleanser
  • Softening Facial Wash – a gentle foaming cleanser
  • Softening Toner  – a refreshing and revitalizing toner
  • Firming Serum – an intensive treatment to be applied before using moisturizer to help improve skin tone and elasticity
  • Firming Day Cream – providing 12-hour hydration as well as having firming and softening benefits with illuminating micro-minerals
  • Firming Night Cream – a clinically proven night treatment designed to target fine lines and wrinkles

The primary ingredient in the range is organic anti-oxidant rich pomegranate, with extracts taken from the skin, peel and seeds. The creams are also formulated with brazil-nut oil, aloe vera and Community Trade honey.

The Body Shop reports that in a consumer trial of over 100 women, 63% of participants noticed firmer skin on day one of using Natrulift Firming Day Cream.  With results like this, I imagine September 1 (the product launch date) will be a very busy day for The Body Shop!

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We continue the Hyperpigmentation Series with luxury Swiss skin care company La Prairie. The latest collection, The White Caviar Illuminating Système consists of three innovative skin care products designed to firm and brighten the complexion by zoning in on age spots, skin discoloration and areas of pigmentation. Of The White Caviar Illuminating Système, La Prairie states that each product adds “lightening, brightening and lifting effects” to the skin.

During the Hyperpigmentation Series I have focused on various ingredients that skin care lines use to target pigmentation issues. The White Caviar Illuminating Système incorporates golden caviar sourced from environmentally regulated farms. The golden caviar is then boosted with a clarifying whitening complex of larch tree extract, detoxifying Swiss garden cress sprout and Vitamin C.

The brightening and firming system includes:

  • White Caviar Illuminating Cream: A light moisturizer that contains brightening ingredients to control age spots and discoloration. The pearlescent powders in the cream helps to give skin a luminous glow and promises to even out skin tone
  • White Caviar Illuminating Serum This potent anti-pigmentation serum works to prevent age spots and discoloration as well as provide skin with hydration, anti-oxidant protection and anti-aging benefits
  • White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum This eye serum promises to banish under-eye dark circles

La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Système is available at www.laprairie.com.

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Today I continue the Hyperpigmentation Series with DERMAdoctor Immaculate Correction. The product name alone deserves a round of applause. Immaculate Correction is intended to treat Hyperpigmentation due to scarring, melasma, or photo damage. For those who prefer a hydroquinone free option, Immaculate Correction is a product worth your attention. The skin lightener eliminates unwanted pigmentation by targeting several points in the formation of the dark area. Immaculate Correction incorporates six key ingredients to target/treat blotchiness and uneven skin tone:

  1. Mitracarpus Scaber Extract – Similar to hydroquinone and similarly effective without the undesirable side effects
  2. Dithiaoctanediol – To prevent the formation of over production of melanin
  3. Gluconic Acid – To inhibit and regulate tyrosinase activity, preventing further abnormal pigment formation. Also aids enhanced cellular turnover
  4. Azelaic Acid – Works to lighten skin
  5. Suitilains – To help speed exfoliation and cell turnover
  6. Glucosamine and Urea – To firm and soften skin

Immaculate Correction is a stand alone product that is able to be worked into your current skin care regime. Most products in the “pigmentation issues” category require continued use to see results. Immaculate Correction recommends steady usage for 6 to 12 months (twice a day). And as with all skin lighteners, daily SPF is strongly encouraged.

Still in search of a product to help treat your pigmentation issues?…Perhaps DERMAdoctor Immaculate Correction is for you!

I confess. My skin care regime is pretty intense. My daily routine has no less than 11 steps (about 6 steps in the morn and 5 steps in the evening) and borders on being a religion. Someday I will find the time to do a complete run down of my full skincare regime.

While each step of my regime is very important, I understand that the average person will not invest as much time and energy. If I had to strip my regime down to just two items, it would an anti-acne product and a moisturizing product that contains SPF 15 or SPF30.

I always tell my friends (and anyone who’ll listen) if you do nothing else for your skin, protect it from the harmful anti aging effects of the sun. Erno Laszlo Total Face and Body Protection SPF30 is a protective lightweight cream that hydrates and provides powerful broad spectrum sun protection for the face and body. It is formulated with soothing botanicals, sea water, and powerful antioxidants that calm, hydrate, and help protect the skin against photo-aging.

While the product states that it is for “Face and Body”, I use it exclusively for face. Sometimes with “Face and Body” SPF products I find that the formula is more suitable for body. Erno Laszlo Total Face and Body SPF 30 is extremely light and creamy. It blends into my skin beautifully without streaking or leaving weird gray or purplish residue, like lots of other SPF 30 products I’ve tried.

Erno Laszlo Total Face and Body SPF 30 incorporates shea butter to help promote cell regeneration, Vitamin E to help defend skin against free-radicals and prevent premature aging, and Green Tea Extract to protect skin against sun damage.

Erno Laszlo Total Face and Body retails for $42 (7.oz). In my opinion, this is a steal for a high end product that is packed with antioxidants, botanicals, and minerals. Most drugstore brands (i.e.Aveeno Positively Ageless SPF 30) cost about $20 for a 2.5 oz container.


One lucky ThisThatBeauty reader will win Erno Laszlo Total Face and Body SPF 30 (1.7oz.). The rules are simple:
  • US residents only
  • Leave a comment with your email address
  • One winner will be chosen at random
  • You have until 7/15 to enter the contest
Good luck,

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Can you believe all of the rain we’ve been getting lately? Well you know how the old saying goes:

“April showers bring May flowers”

For us skin care junkies, April also brings April Rain Night Rainew, an anti-aging night cream. April Rain Night Rainew contains exclusive Hydro-Peptide time-released hydrators and collagen building properties. This multi-dimensional formula boasts that it contains the highest degree of effective age defying peptides that firm and deeply hydrate cells, plumping them for a more lifted appearance while relaxing wrinkle-causing facial expressions. 

I am generally a huge fan of products that deliver intense restoration and hydration overnight. If you’re looking for a night time product that delivers powerful antioxidants, peptides, and hydration – consider April Rain Night Rainew.

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