TTB Travel: A Beauty Tour of Paris

with Jean Patou Parfumer

By a show of hands, who’s enamored with French beauty? Everyone, right? I absolutely crave the rituals and beauty secrets of French women. There’s just something about the French beauty aesthetic that I cannot get enough of…the mood is chic & understated, yet undeniably present. For years I’ve dabbled in French beauty products ranging from [...]

TTB Previews: Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care Products

Moor Skincare Complete Product Line-up

What if I told you that playing in mud is great for your skin? You would probably say you’ve heard that before and that you don’t have time to  regularly play in mud . Well, fear not, Neydharting Moor has bottled up the best of what mud offers to deliver all the amazing benefits without [...]

About Your Skincare – Step it Up: Algenist, Avon, SK-II, Lightstim

ANEW GENICS Treatment Cream

How often do you evaluate your skin care routine? I mean, really critically analyze the needs of your skin against the efficacy of your products. Perhaps the serum you’re using is great for managing acne, but that was five years ago and suddenly you’ve noticed tiny fine lines on your forehead. Or, perhaps your usual [...]

Getting to Know: Lumene


Lumene products fuse technology and Artic natural ingredients to create targeted skin care potions that take the guess work out of choosing. Product categories and offerings are broken down based on age, skin type, and usage. The packaging includes an easy-to-use age range usage scale (back of packaging) and color coded matching system to clearly identify [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Elizabeth Arden Plump Perfect Firming Facial Mask


Elizabeth Arden’s Plump Perfect Firming Facial Mask, has ceramides as one of the active ingredients.  The other active ingredient, Argireline, is nicknamed “Botox in a jar.”  Before I divulge the results of my treatment I know you are dying to learn what ceramides and Argireline are and how they work, so, here goes. Ceramides are [...]

NEW: The Body Shop Natrulift


Next month The Body Shop will introduce the Natrulift skincare collection. The line is an innovative collection of anti-aging creams formulated with organic pomegranate. Natrulift combines the natural properties of pomegranate with the latest in skincare technology. The complete collection includes: Softening Cream Cleanser  - a moisturizing and softening cream based cleanser Softening Facial Wash – [...]

Hyperpigmentation Series: La Prairie The White Caviar Illuminating Système


We continue the Hyperpigmentation Series with luxury Swiss skin care company La Prairie. The latest collection, The White Caviar Illuminating Système consists of three innovative skin care products designed to firm and brighten the complexion by zoning in on age spots, skin discoloration and areas of pigmentation. Of The White Caviar Illuminating Système, La Prairie [...]

Hyperpigmentation Series: DERMAdoctor Immaculate Correction


Today I continue the Hyperpigmentation Series with DERMAdoctor Immaculate Correction. The product name alone deserves a round of applause. Immaculate Correction is intended to treat Hyperpigmentation due to scarring, melasma, or photo damage. For those who prefer a hydroquinone free option, Immaculate Correction is a product worth your attention. The skin lightener eliminates unwanted pigmentation [...]

ThisThatBeauty Skin Chronicles: SPF


I confess. My skin care regime is pretty intense. My daily routine has no less than 11 steps (about 6 steps in the morn and 5 steps in the evening) and borders on being a religion. Someday I will find the time to do a complete run down of my full skincare regime. While each [...]

Drench Your Skin with April Rain

Can you believe all of the rain we’ve been getting lately? Well you know how the old saying goes: “April showers bring May flowers” For us skin care junkies, April also brings April Rain Night Rainew, an anti-aging night cream. April Rain Night Rainew contains exclusive Hydro-Peptide time-released hydrators and collagen building properties. This multi-dimensional [...]