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AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Gel Creme

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The more I write about beauty and beauty products the more obsessed I get about anti-aging products.  When I talk about anti aging I’m not talking about things to prevent me from aging (as if those products exist) but more so products that will aide in gracefully aging.  Nobody, I mean nobody wants sagging, super wrinkly skin, not matter how old.  With that said, I am all about products that slow down that sagging and wrinkling process (I can sag and wrinkle in the casket.)



AMOREPACIFIC TIME RESPONSE SKIN RENEWAL GEL CREME claims to slow down and reverse skin aging on a genetic level. Color me excited!

AMOREPACIFIC partnered with Dr. David Weitz Research Group at Harvard University to design a new skincare delivery system that penetrates the skin’s surface to deliver anti-aging ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin for a 24-hour release period. The delivery system is everything in this product! There are 63 actives in this gel creme and were chosen to help calm, soothe and smooth skin while simultaneously correcting, protecting and restoring the skin to its optimal state of firmness and hydration. According to the manufacturers, AMOREPACIFIC TIME RESPONSE SKIN RENEWAL GEL CREME radically renews, restores and reverses all signs of skin aging, from dynamic lines and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation and sagging skin. Yes!

Check the Benefits:

  • Restores collagen production improving skin density, volume and resilience while reducing lines, wrinkles and sagging
  • Regulates melanin production, reducing hyperpigmentation, improving skin clarity and discoloration
  • Controls moisture levels throughout all layers of the skin resulting in smooth, supple skin Improves cellular regeneration and turnover while preventing cell breakdown for a youthful complexion
  • Increases natural antioxidant production to prevent premature skin aging while protecting against free radical damage
  • Stimulates hyaluronic acid production to significantly increase moisture levels in the skin Improves skin’s circulation for enhanced product performance and results
  • Reduces inflammation to improve skin clarity and functioning
  • Restores natural barrier function to prevent excess moisture loss
  • Unique 24-hour time-release formula stimulates skin functions for longer lasting benefits
Check out the active ingredients:
ThisThatbeauty Previews: AMOREPACIFIC TIME RESPONSE SKIN RENEWAL GEL CREMETIME RESPONSE Skin Renewal Gel Creme retails for $450 and is available Spring/Summer 2012 at Select Neiman Marcus stores (888.888.4757 and www.neimanmarcus.com) Bergdorf Goodman (212.872.2770 and www.bergdorfgoodman.com) and  AMOREPACIFIC Beauty Gallery and Spa in New York City, 212.966.0400
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