New Acuvue Contact Lenses for me!

On June 7th I’ll be visiting Dr. Susan Resnick to get an eye exam and get fitted for new Acuvue contact lenses (happy dance.) While I love getting SPEXY, I often wear contacts to take a break from my sexy librarian situation.

How Spexy am I? 🙂

I am nothing without you, my dear readers, so, I thought I’d take you along for the ride. Do you have questions about UV protection for the eyes, eye allergies, contact lenses or any other questions related to eye health? Tweet, Facebook or leave your questions in the comments section of this post and I will be happy to get them answered for you. Don’t be shy, the “eyes are the window to the soul,” so, you definitely want to keep them as healthy as possible.

Remember, my appointment is this Thursday, June 7th, so if you have questions please get them to me before then.


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  • Hi Dhalia, Thanks for your comment! Are you on twitter? If yes, what’s your handle? Felicia will respond to you on twitter as soon as she has the answer to your question.

    Oh, Kim…are you on twitter?

  • Hi Felicia & Christene,

    I wear both contacts and lenses but sometimes after about 6 hours or so I tend to get mild headaches….mostly when I wear my glasses. Is there anything I can do to help with that. Please ask the doc. Lol

    I’ve asked mines before but he just usually changes my brand out.


  • I love wearing my glasses too, and recently bought some Acuvue contact lenses for those moments where contacts might be a better look. My question is about safely putting on eyeliner and mascara while wearing contact lenses – what’s off-limits? I think I read somewhere that lining the inner rim of your eyes is a no-no when you’re wearing contacts.

    • Thanks for your comment, Kim. I’ll add to the list of questions for Felicia. We’ll report back shortly 🙂

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