Make the Effort – Do Your Makeup

Oh how I tire of hearing women complain, “makeup is too much work”. True, the application of makeup requires effort, but we need not turn it into a monumental task.

Start by deciding on your “focus feature”. This is the one area that makes you feel polished. Despite the fact that I’ve gained lots of attention for my bold crimson lips, “lips” are the last thing that I tend to focus on in my makeup routine. Actually, I can take or leave “lips”. ..I’m fairly comfortable with the natural tone and look of my lips so it’s not an area of focus when doing my makeup. Instead, I focus on eyes.

In my opinion, I have slightly hooded lids that have the tendency to bring down the shape of my face. So this is the one area that I pay attention to before leaving the house…and, as you’ll see in the pictures below, it makes a world of difference!

Here’s how I do my eyes in jiffy…a brief picture narration:

Start with what I call a “benign” shade. A neutral tone on the lid that cancels out any darkness and gives your liner something to adhere to. I like the above palette from Guerlain.

Quickly apply to lid.

My go-to liner: Guerlain Terracotta Khol Kajal

Apply top.

Apply bottom.

Coat with mascara.



What’s your “focus feature?…perhaps brows?…perhaps under eye concealer? What’s the minimum that you can do to pull it together for a polished appearance? Makeup is fun…and really need not be a burden 🙂


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