Idle Hands & MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow

What’s that saying about “idle hands”being the devil’s workshop?

Well when I get idle hands here’s something I like to do…something I bet you’d also enjoy during your idle time – FACE CHARTS!

If you’re an aspiring makeup artist, established pro, or just like playing in makeup, face charts are great. I use them all the time to create stuff floating in my head or recreate looks I’ve seen elsewhere (i.e. in mag, on celebrity, etc.). I also use face charts to sketch out ideas for clients.

I have an upcoming makeup gig and wanted to give my client some ideas that might work with her outfit. Here’s the look (using all MAC – Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in Sea&Sky, Black pigment (pro), forget name of the blush, 3N lipglass, for the brows I used a random brow pencil). She loves it the look. Maybe I’ll post her pic, with her permission of course…

Face charts are also a great way to try out looks without making up your face. While there’s nothing like makeup on actual skin, face charts are great for fooling around and experimenting.

If anyone’s interested in blank face charts, let me know and I can email to you.

From there all ya gotta do is print and have some fun!

Felicia Picasso 🙂

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  • pink&green mama –

    hi there! have you tried MAC? I'm sure they'd give you a few….if you ask discreetly while making a purchase 🙂

    if you're unsuccessful with MAC, give me a holler. i might have another idea for you.


  • I am trying to find blank face charts to make a Christmas gift for my daughter. I’m planning to make her a small binder of blank face charts and give her a make up bag with various shades of shadow, blush, etc. to play with. But I can’t find a normal sized face chart online. I found your blog and would love advice on where I can find some. Thanks!

  • Hi Chinou –

    Yes, the face cart still works. What you’re doing on the chart is experimenting with color combos and placement. You cant really do anything to change the face shape. Its not supposed to be an exact replica of your face…just a palette to practice on. I hope this is helpful.


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