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It’s my birthday in a few days and it just so happens that I get to actually celebrate on the day of my birthday.  Usually I have to plan around everyone’s schedule and have 3 or more gatherings just to get everyone together (this is not a complaint because it usually means more partying for me. Yay!)  This year, I said to heck with it, and I’m celebrating on the day! I’m super excited and want to ensure my skin is in tip-top shape for my birthday shenanigans. Luckily, I had been testing out the Revelations RX Deep Hydrating & Brightening for Face sheet mask and serum, so, all I needed were a few tweaks to ensure the best skin possible by Friday.

Bright Hydrated Skin Revelations RX

Revelations RX Deep Hydrating & Brightening Face sheet masks are completely saturated with lightweight serum that contain hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to restore moisture, vitamin C to improve tone and argireline to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The masks are made of natural biocellulos so they mold to the face allowing the serum to penetrate the first couple layers of the skin. With this is mind, I set out to do a complete at-home facial that would end with my application of the masks and serum.

Who uses a facial steamer at home? ✋🏿✋🏾 Mini #facial happening now… #faceflawlessskin

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Here’s what I did:

  1. Cleansed with one of my favorite cleansers
  2. Exfoliated with my favorite exfoliator
  3. Steamed using this ultra portable facial steamer
  4. Applied the Revelations RX Deep Hydrating & Brightening Face Mask
  5. Removed the mask and applied the Deep Hydration and Brightening Serum and The Tired Eyes, Puffiness, & Dark Circles for Eyes Mask
  6. Removed the eye mask and applied The Tired Eyes, Puffiness, & Dark Circles for Eyes Serum

It seems like a lot of steps but the whole facial took about 40 minutes. This process allowed me to boost the effectiveness of sheet masks and see even better immediate results.  I wasn’t playing when I said I want my skin in tip-top shape for my birthday.  Skincare is serious! 🙂

Bottom Line: The Revelations RX Deep Hydrating & Brightening for Face mask gives skin an instant temporary brightness and plumping from the moisture but with continued once weekly use will improve skin tone. I also really like the lightweight serum and the fresh face feeling that it gives.  The serum is perfect to layering under my favorite moisturizer for just a little extra boost.  The Tired Eyes, Puffiness, & Dark Circles for Eyes seem to give more brightening than depuffing.

It is my experience that well hydrated skin is brighter, more plump and pores are less visible.  So, if these sound like results you’d like to see, a moisturizing mask and serum such as those from Revelation RX might be the place for you to start. As for me, I’m well on my way to being as bright as the top of a cake with all 37 candles lit.

For more about Revelations RX and to see other products in the line, please check out this post.

Each set of four Revelations RX face and eye masks retails between $54 and $60 and each serum retails for $40.  You may find Revelations RX on the company’s website


DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Revelations RX.  As always, all opinions are my own and they were not edited by the sponsor.

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