Do You Need ‘Helpouts’ this Valentine’s Day?

For some people Valentine’s Day can be stressful. I’m not among those people.  While some use Valentine’s Day as a way to make grand gestures, I do simple things like prepare a romantic meal for two.  (I know…Epic!)

With the stress of Valentine’s Day and loved ones’ expectations, perfection might be hard to achieve.   But anything is possible with practice and a little bit of help.  If  you want to surprise your boo/baby/honey/sweetheart with a romantic home cooked meal but have little to no experience cooking, why not try Google Helpouts?

How Helpouts Work

With Helpouts you get access to free or paid expert advice anytime, anywhere…on your desktop or mobile device. Help is available across a wide range of topics including chefs to help with a romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner For Two.

Check out the video below for more info…


So, if you’re planning something special this Valentine’s Day and need a helping hand, as is the answer to so many things in life, you simply have to Google it…only now you have Google Helpouts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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