ThisThatBeauty is a personal blog written and edited by Felicia Walker Benson.

I regularly receive products directly from beauty brands, beauty manufacturers, public relations companies, and brand marketing firms.

I am regularly invited into salons, spas, dermatologist offices, makeup boutiques and other beauty destinations to meet experts and try out new services. These products/ services are graciously submitted/ offered for editorial consideration on ThisThatBeauty.com.

Complimentary services, gratis products, and press samples never compromise my coverage. If I don’t like the experience or product result, the product or service will not receive coverage on the pages of ThisThatBeauty.

As Editor in Chief of this site it is my task to sift through hundreds of new hair, makeup, skincare, fragrance and nail product submissions and evaluate them for coverage on ThisThatBeauty.com. Many times, my process involves the rigorous critiquing of texture, effectiveness, wearability, color payoff, scent, value, packaging, etc. This task is taken quite seriously. While many of the products/ services mentioned in reviews have been submitted for editorial consideration, conversely, many of the products/ services mentioned are from my personal collection and are items/ services that I have purchased.

As ThisThatBeauty is a personal blog, I prefer to write about things I love, which is why the majority of reviews are positive. The opinions and reviews on ThisThatBeauty are honest assessments of products and services. Editorial content on this site is never pre-approved by PR representatives or brands. (Picture that — someone telling ME how to run MY site!). ThisThatBeauty does not guarantee positive reviews or reviews at all on gratis products/ services.

My passion for beauty is relentless. ThisThatBeauty is my personal forum for purging said passion. “Benefit from my Obsession”®.

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