Making Casa de ThisThatBeauty More Sustainable: Unilever Project Sunlight

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I really truly long to be better to the earth and leave behind the tiniest carbon footprint possible. But, if we’re being honest, the task of “going green” can be a bit overwhelming…at first. Change is never easy! So when I learned of Unilever Project Sunlight – I had a bit of an ‘a ha!’ moment [...]

Green Beauty Tips From The TTB Girls, Our Beauty Friends And Neutrogena Naturals


Before getting pregnant with Phoebe, I never gave much thought to natural beauty products. Sure, I’ve reviewed a ton over the course of the years, but I’ve never fully committed to a natural routine. But while pregnant, I had to give a lot more consideration to the things I used on my skin….So the topic [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Kaeng Raeng Cleanse Program

Kaeng Raeng

Prior to about 2009 when I saw or heard the words “cleanse” or “detox” I had visions of someone chugging an endless supply of spicy maple syrup lemonade. Since actively learning about clean eating, green smoothies, veganism and the raw food movement and dabbling in all four, I now know what to look for in [...]

ThisThatBeauty Gift Guide: Green Beauty


Going green has been the new black for quite some time.  If the friends and family members on your gift list are wearing this new black, chances are their makeup, skin and body care products are also natural and/or organic. Give your friends any item from my green beauty gift guide and you are sure [...]

TTBFaves with Maree: Featuring Kiehl’s, Jo Malone and Neal’s Yard Remedies

Kiehl's Super Multi corrective cream

TTBFaves: Every month, the ThisThatBeauty Girls (Christene, Maree, and Felicia) share their favorite products from the previous month. Today I share my top picks from October…   Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream Why I love It:  Even though my skincare routine is 37,568 steps almost every night, I still gravitate towards products that do it all.  Products that [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: The Pestemel Hair-Love Towel by Free Your Mane

Free Your Mane Pestemel Hair-Love Towel

If someone told me two years ago that I would have a special towel for my hair I would’ve laughed at them. Seriously. Fast forward to my natural hair revival going on now and I get it and I’m not laughing. Prior to trying the Free Your Mane Pestemel Hair-Love Towel, I read a few [...]

Get the Facts: Coconut Oil and Hair Care – Part 1

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How many ‘miracle’ hair products have you seen in magazines or on television in the last year?  With each of these miracle products there is always one or two ingredients on which all the claims are based. While some of these ingredients have scientific proof and live up to their claims to miraculously transform hair, [...]

Winter Skincare Tips

Melvita Ultra Nourishing Body Balm

Fall is flying by and from what I hear, winter is going to be brutal. You’ve got your goose down bubble coat, fur lined boots and infinity scarf but what about your skin? How are you protecting your skin this winter? During winter months there is little to no moisture in the air, so, it [...]

TTB Green Beauty: Nourish – Organic Food for Healthy Skin

Nourish Family

Nourish – Organic Food for Healthy Skin. Nourish, manufactured by Sensible Organics, is made in one of the first beauty care facilities ever to receive the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Certification. The entire Nourish collection is manufactured with nutrient-rich USDA certified organic fruits, vegetables and plant extracts. Product  scents are made of exclusive [...]

Introducing TTB Green Beauty

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Over the last three to four years, I have come across a number of natural and organic brands and products, some good, some great and others just failed across the board. Last Tuesday, October 2nd, I attended a Whole Foods luncheon where I was introduced to a  number of natural and/or organic beauty, health and [...]