Beauty Brands to Launch New Products Exclusively at The Makeup Show NYC

Ofra foundationstick_20

If you are a true makeup and beauty  lover you should be aware of The Makeup Show.  The multi-city makeup event is in its 9th year and this year The Makeup Show NYC will see the launch of several new products from a some of our favorite brands. Here are a few of the brands [...]

Define Your Brows with Boots Beauty

Boots Beauty Brow Pencils

My brows are the first thing I do after I put on my foundation.  For some odd reason, it’s like I cannot do the rest of my face until my brows are just right. I’ll leave the house without makeup but no brows? No, not gonna happen…ever!  Since brows are so important, I’m always on [...]

ThisThatBeauty Previews: MAC Playland Collection


There is always something to love from any MAC Collection and the Playland Collection is no different.  Here’s what MAC has to say about the collection: Playland is a funtastical wonderland where spring becomes a fabulous whirlwind of creativity and amusement.  Make merry in luscious shades of Lipstick and Lipglass in playful pinks, brilliant purples [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: Garden-Inspired Beauty


Today’s beauty cues come straight from the garden. Think sun-kissed, floral, vibrant and bright. These Garden-Inspired Beauty picks are just the thing to elevate your mood and help channel the glorious days of early spring. . . click here to see my picks. Garden-Inspired Beauty

Mani of the Week: Coachella Nail Art Tutorial

main hand

They say April showers bring May flowers. Well, whoever “they” are, don’t give the month of April enough credit. April has way more to offer than the need to plan our outfits around your Hunter boots—it brings COACHELLA. Not only is Coachella one of the most famous music festivals in the country, it has to be [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

I’m a bit of a connoisseur of facial wipes. . . . A staunch supporter of the waterless cleanse. I wash my face daily. . . have done that for years, over 30 to be exact — but water isn’t always involved. And if we’re being 100% honest, given my hectic life as a new [...]

Lupita Nyong’o New Lancôme Ambassadress

Lupita Nyong'o

Following Lupita Nyong’o’s rise to fame and recent Oscar win for the movie Twelve Years a Slave, beauty mavens the world over have been wondering which cosmetic brand would snag the Mexican-born Kenyan star as Brand Ambassador.  Nyong’o will join Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Penélope Cruz and Lily Collins as brand ambassador to Maison Lancôme. Many [...]


Sunscreens Approved for Brown Skin

When asked my stranded-on-a-deserted-island beauty product, my response is always ‘sunscreen’. It’s my beauty non-negotiable. While I am not an advocate of skimping on your daily skincare routine, as a new mom, I can appreciate that one does not always have the luxury of time.  Click here to get full details on my current sunscreen [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist Lip Pencil

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist Lip Pencil 1

When I think of Sisley, my mind immediately goes to luxury skincare.  So when I received the Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist Lip Pencil, I was eager to experience the skin-loving ingredients that would be incorporated into the luxe lip product. The jumbo lip pencil has two active ingredients: phytosqualane, to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: How To Wear Pastel Eyeshadow


Wearing pastel eyeshadow is actually not as tricky as it sounds. Pastel eyes offer a refreshing change of pace for spring, but don’t go haphazardly dusting it everywhere. Ladurée-inspired shades lift lids and brighten the face with just a single, airy wash of color. A soft brown liner adds depth to the lash line and softly frames the eye without being [...]