ThisThatBeauty 2014 Beauty Resolutions with Maree

Maree Sye 2014 Beauty Resolutions

As a beauty blogger,  it is natural for me to constantly be testing products, trying new trends, looking to the next season for inspiration – but often these are short term focuses.  Taking a look at my beauty behavior as a whole and making resolutions for the year help me to look at the big [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: The Workout Band

The Workout Band

Working out is a real chore for me and I’m never in the mood to do it. However, my love of food and my disdain for muffin-tops and back fat pretty much guarantee that I will workout frequently. With that said, one might think I am all into gadgets and other contraptions to get results. [...]

Improve Your Wellness With Hanes Silk Reflections Pure Bliss

Hanes Silk Reflection Pure Bliss

We often talk about beauty and for a lot of people that means simply what is visible at a glance. But beauty is more than a great face and a fit body. Beauty is all encompassing and speaks to the outside and the inside. Overall beauty speaks to wellness of body, mind and spirit. With [...]