TTB Wine Review: Vin De Pays Du Val De Loire Chenin Blanc

Vin De Pays Du Val De Loire Chenin Blanc

Happy New Year!! Well, it’s already the end of the month,  so I’m sure by now any and all resolutions made on New Year’s Day are either in full swing or have fallen by the wayside.  Nonetheless, it’s time for another review and this month we are reviewing Vin De Pays Du Val De Loire [...]

To The Holidays – A Toast with Offley Tawny Port

Offley Tawny porto

The Holidays are here and its time to celebrate! We celebrate with family, friends, co-workers, strangers and it’s just that warm, fun time of the year.  This is also the time of year when we are eating rich foods and decadent desserts — that was top of mind when I choose our featured wine for [...]

TTB Wine Review: Rivata Casa Rossa

casa rossa wine review

It’s finally Halloween but it seems that stores have been inundating us with Halloween candy since September 1st.   However, I am not here to talk candy and the questionable business practices of some stores, I am here to talk wine.  So, in keeping with the season of sweets,  I have a sweet red winner [...]

TTB Wine Review: Kitchen Sink Red Table Wine

Kitchen Sink Red Table Wine

Calling all wine drinkers, sippers, and everyone in between. TTB Wine has arrived! In this column we will explore the world of wine, introduce you to varieties you may not be familiar with, and take any pretentiousness out of the wine experience. We are especially interested in those who swear they can only drink red [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Nike Zoom Vomero 9

Nike Zoom Vomero 9

I have not seriously worked out in over a year. However, if  you’ve read any our TTBFitLife posts you know that I truly enjoy working out because it makes me feel GREAT. While I pretty much gave up vigorous workouts while pregnant,  I kept up my daily two mile strolls just to keep circulation flowing and [...]

Making Casa de ThisThatBeauty More Sustainable: Unilever Project Sunlight

ProjectSunlight logo

I really truly long to be better to the earth and leave behind the tiniest carbon footprint possible. But, if we’re being honest, the task of “going green” can be a bit overwhelming…at first. Change is never easy! So when I learned of Unilever Project Sunlight – I had a bit of an ‘a ha!’ moment [...]

5 Insanely Practical Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Samsung GALAXY NOTE PRO 12.2

I love kids. I mean who doesn’t? However, loving kids and wanting to be a mom are two entirely different things. I tell everyone that I am Mommy Support. I show up, play peek-a-boo for an hour, paint nails, do hair, bake cupcakes, make Halloween costumes and help with homework. I’ll even take the kids [...]

Do You Need ‘Helpouts’ this Valentine’s Day?

Google Vday Helpout 1

For some people Valentine’s Day can be stressful. I’m not among those people.  While some use Valentine’s Day as a way to make grand gestures, I do simple things like prepare a romantic meal for two.  (I know…Epic!) With the stress of Valentine’s Day and loved ones’ expectations, perfection might be hard to achieve.   [...]

ThisThatBeauty 2014 Beauty Resolutions with Maree

Maree Sye 2014 Beauty Resolutions

As a beauty blogger,  it is natural for me to constantly be testing products, trying new trends, looking to the next season for inspiration – but often these are short term focuses.  Taking a look at my beauty behavior as a whole and making resolutions for the year help me to look at the big [...]

ThisThatBeauty Gift Guide – Gifts For The Picky Beauty Lovers on Your List

Fresh Sugar Lip set

Beauty products are the ultimate gifts to give (and to receive.) They can run the gamut and fit the likes of many different friends, no matter how discerning their tastes or niche their preferences.  I have pulled some of my favorite finds from around the web for a beauty gift guide those around you will [...]