Mani of the Week: Featuring Broadway Nails Impress Press On Manicure

Broabway Impress press On Manicure Options

Do you ever see a manicure and say, “Ugh, I wish I could do that?” Do you polish your left hand with ease but then completely cover every inch of cuticle with polish when trying to get your right hand done? How about those days or nights when you’re about to head out the door [...]

Could The Warner’s No Side Effects Bra Be The Perfect Bra?

On Your Side 35056

I remember my first bra. My dad bought it. I was about 10 or 11 years old and barely had anything on my chest…well, except nipples. While I had a bra and several camisoles to where under my school uniform, I very rarely did. One day I got caught in the rain and it was [...]

Get Deep Down Tingly Clean Skin with Biore’s New Charcoal Products


I bet when you think about deep down clean skin you don’t think of black charcoal. Well, I’m here to change your thinking. . . For years, charcoal has been known for its ability to “attract and absorb pollutants” and Biore has harnessed the power of charcoal to give you deep down pore cleaning in [...]

6 Sexy Valentine’s Day Scents for Every Budget

YSL Parisienne

If you are into Valentine’s Day chances are you don’t get up to the day’s activities without the perfect sexy scent. With that in mind, Maree, Felicia and I have selected two fragrances each, including budget friendly options, to share with you. Whatever your budget, there’s an option here for you because smelling sexy doesn’t [...]

#TheGifter Mission of the Week: Outgifting Countdown

May I suggest these majorly on trend, seude, wedge boots for. Originally, priced at over $140, you can score these at Marshalls for $59.99. TIP: Know her shoe size

Yikes! The Christmas shopping crunch is upon us…so this week’s #TheGifter mission, Outgifting Countdown, is right on time. This week I’ll be spotting incredible last-minute gift ideas for you to give everyone on your list. And we’re not talking any old gift…no no! This week, I’ve spotted loads of popular designer labels for less…labels that [...]

#TheGifter Mission of the Week: Outgift For Under $20

photo 3

Cue the applause track!!…It’s time for another #TheGifter Mission: Outgift For Under $20 I honestly thought that the previous week’s mission (Outgift The Party) was going to be my favorite… I mean, I’m a party girl. I go to lots of parties, I throw lots of parties and I love gifts for parties. However, this [...]

#TheGifter Mission of the Week: Black Friday

Faux Fur at Marshalls

‘Black’ and ‘Friday’ — Individually, the words are perfectly harmless. I mean, everyone looks good in ‘black’. . .and who doesn’t look forward to ‘Friday’. But there’s something about the Black Friday that sends people into a tailspin. Perhaps it’s the crack-of-dawn deals, the crowds, or the pure rush of fear that Christmas is seriously [...]

6 Fashionable Coats Under $200

6 Coats under $200

My biggest complaint about winter (other than the cold, and the weather, I could go on…) has to be the price of the clothing.  Summer is easy with a dress and sandals, but in the colder months, there are sweaters, boots, and the worst offender…..COATS!  Everything is so expensive that one cannot possibly stay as [...]

#ScrubOff Your Halloween Look + Win $250 Gift Card + St. Ives Products


St. Ives has declared the day after Halloween, November 1st, National #ScrubOff Day.   Though I am not one to go hard on Halloween make up, I always do a little something extra, which inevitably leads to a mini facial the next day. If you really get into Halloween, chances are you also in need of [...]

ThisThatBeauty’s Fall Wardrobe Picks from American Eagle

Christene is wearing AE Shimmer Sweatshirt frontward

The month of August inevitably means I start thinking about my fall wardrobe. It is about the same time that high-school girls and college-aged women start shopping to build and update their Back to School wardrobe. If Fall/ Back to School wardrobe planning is working it’s way up your to do list, let’s shop American Eagle [...]