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One of my greatest beauty blogging joys is getting up close and personal with the brains behind the brands. Over the last year we’ve chatted with the brains behind amazing brands like Make Up For Ever, Three Custom Color Specialists, Cosmoholic, Shiny Mama, and many wonderful others.
Today we’re going behind the scenes

Beau Nelson is the Creative Director for BEAUTE Cosmetics Inc…and guess what? Beau’s talking to ThisThatBeauty and giving us a peek inside the brand.
Beau, welcome to ThisThatBeauty! Thanks so much for talking with us. Let’s jump right in. Does BEAUTE Cosmetics fill a void in the beauty industry?

Beau for BEAUTE:

We definitely believe that Beauté fills a void in the cosmetics industry. We have literally worked with a majority of lines out there, and quite a few of them in-depth. We see that a lot of lines have one or two products that stand out, and others rely primarily on packaging to sell. We wanted to create a brand that not only had beautiful luxurious packaging, but also make every single product we put out on the market unique, special and perfect. Our quality of product and packaging standards set us apart.

What led you to create your line of lip gloss and a dual purpose gel stain for lips and cheeks?

Beau for BEAUTE:
There were other stain products on the market before ours came out however all of them were liquid they were very hard to blend or they were gels that were not very pigmented. They were usually only available in a very limited selection of shades, usually red. We wanted something that was high pigment but also easily blend-able and long lasting. Women want something easy that they don’t have to think about. Its so easy to put on your cheeks and lips and then forget about it for the day, it literally stays on for hours.

You also offer makeup brushes. Are there plans to expand your line and branch out beyond glosses and stains?

Beau for BEAUTE:

Yes, eventually Beauté will be full range of color products, right now we are working on developing our lines of eye shadow, blush, foundation, light reflecting concealers, creme blush, hilighters and powders. Perfection is a process.


Is there a lip color and/ or stain that you feel is universally flattering? Why?

Beau for BEAUTE:
Heroine Luminous Volume Gloss is pretty universal because its what We call a “Your lips but better” shade that enhances the natural lipcolor. All of the stains work on every color of skin, even very dark ones because the pigments are so pure and there is no titanium dioxide to make things go ashy on dark skin.


What’s the one product that flies off the shelves? What can’t women get enough of?

Beau for BEAUTE:

Right now everyone seems to be loving Flouron stain, it looks neon orange in the bottle but is actually fluorescent pink, which blends down into a vibrant but super wearable shade for cheeks and lips. We love topping it with Girlie Show Luminous Volume Gloss which is pale pink. The two together make this gorgeous petal pink shade that looks so fresh and pretty.

Beau, thank you so much for your time. I love your glosses and stains. Check me out working it below 🙂
In this picture I am wearing Luminous Volume Gloss in Urge,
a beautiful sheer reddish tone that works beautifully on brown skin. Kudos BEAUTE!

In this picture I am wearing Luminous Volume Gloss in Paramour. Its a really cool pink mod lip color.

Here I am wearing Liqui-Gel Stain for Cheeks and Lips in Harlot on my cheeks and lips. I love the richness of the pigment. And unlike most stains, its not some generic shade of red…but a very beautiful berry tone that is incredibly flattering.

And in these pictures, I decided to layer Liqui-Gel Stain for Cheeks and Lips in Flouroun over Liqui-Gel Stain for Cheeks and Lips in Harlot. The result…pure ski bunny cheeks. AND I LOVE IT!!!

Click HERE for more info on BEAUTE.
I highly recommend giving the glosses and stains a try. The colors are simply yummy and work beautifully on a variety of skin tones.

Check out BEAUTE Cosmetics…I doubt you will be disappointed. You’ll be rosy and all aglow…just like me 🙂

Chat soon,

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  • OH MY GOSH! You look SO pretty! 😀 I have been hearing so much about these stains, and as a fellow brown girl/STAINIAC (thanks to TheBalm,lol), I naturally must have some for myself! I am considering making a purchase this week, but I have an issue with ingredients; could you post the full list?

    Great interview w/the *gorgeous* Mr. Nelson, and I am loving your blog! Have you tried the stain in Fever? I think you could KILL in that shade 😀

    • Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and the lovely comments. Try the brand’s website for a full ingredient list. As for “fever” I will have to check my collection to see if I own that gem. Thanks for the tip 😉

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