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Christene is known among her friends as a jack-of-all-trades, which for her translates to never being bored. By profession, Christene is a marketing and social media strategist and beauty editor. When she is not busy marketing compelling concepts or testing beauty products, she is crafting food and drink recipes, socializing, writing, making dresses, eating, or any of a myriad of random things she thoroughly enjoys.
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ThisThatBeauty Previews: Ella+Mila Nail Polish

Ella Mila Nail Polish

I love a good feel-good branding story and Ella+Mila is nothing if not that.  The brand is named after and  inspired by the twin daughters,   Ella and Mila,  of one of the founders. Ella+Mila is a 5 free (Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor,)  vegan, Peta certified brand of nail polish, release [...]

ThisThatBeauty Previews: Revision Skincare Vitamin C Lotion 30 %

Revision Skincare Vitamin C 30 Lotion

Vitamin C has long been hailed as an antioxidant superstar in the skincare world and has lots of research to support those claims. Vitamin C helps to boost skin’s radiance, promote collagen production to increase skin firmness, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and more.  I was recently introduced to the Revision Skincare Vitamin C Lotion [...]

TTBFaves with Christene: Best of Beauty 2014

Best of Beauty 2014 - Christene Carr 1

If I had to define 2014 by beauty or cosmetic product I would have to say it was the year of the lipstick. In 2014 I resolved to wear more lipstick and that I did. While reaching for multiple lipsticks was a conscious thing, the other products on my Best of Beauty of 2014 list [...]

Winter Skincare: 3 Cleansers for Oily Skin

Eve Lom Cleanser

A good skincare routine begins with a great cleanser.    If you wear makeup, you may start your nightly cleansing routine with a makeup remover or a cleansing oil but the next step inevitably has to be a cleanser that is right for your skin type.  I have combination/oily skin that has a tendency to [...]

Beauty Gifts $20 and Under


When it comes to giving gifts this holiday season, not everyone can ball out of control.  Otherwise come the first of January, we may need to pay our bills by regifting — and while that amazing sweater knitted by grandma Rose might be priceless, the good folks over at Visa don’t attach that same value. [...]

TTBFaves: Best Mascaras of the Moment

Best Mascara - Benefit They're Real!

A great mascara can be the difference between an amazing makeup look and one that’s just simply — blah. Mascaras often promise to lengthen and thicken lashes but tend to work differently from person to person, so, we thought we’d share with you our best mascaras of the moment.    We are five strong at ThisThatBeauty [...]

Beauty Gifts and Must-Haves from ELF Cosmetics

ELF Must-haves

If you are a beauty junkie, hoarder, fiend, lover or just a person who wears makeup, you need to check out ELF cosmetics.  ELF has great products at bargain basement prices.   While I now have access to some of the most luxurious makeup in the world, I  still buy and use ELF products because [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: The Artis Makeup Brush + Giveaway

Artis Brush Review - ThisThatBeauty

When I first saw the Artis Makeup Brushes I immediately wanted to try them.  I honestly didn’t care it they were made out of skunk tail —  the look of them was intriguing and as a devout beauty girl, my beauty card would lapse if my interest wasn’t piqued.  I was happy to learn that [...]

Black Friday Beauty Deals


After you have recovered from your Thanksgiving food coma and taken a little nap, your fingers may be looking to do a little walking. If you choose to shop, here’s a list of Black Friday Beauty Deals to check out. NARS 20 % off site wide by signing up here (11/28-12/2). Mally Beauty 30% off site wide 11/25 [...]

Holiday Home Fragrances You Should Definitely Try

Nest Holiday Candle

There are certain scents that just say holiday. They conjure memories of family, friends, food, warmth and an overall good time.  These scents obviously vary by location and culture but for me, in recent memory,  holiday home fragrances center on pine, cranberries, spiced oranges, gingerbread, eggnog, warm apple cider, pumpkin pie, rum cake and more.  Here [...]