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If you are anything like me you go through quite the ordeal to maintain your brows, whether waxing, threading or tweezing. My personal preference is threading because I feel that I can go a bit longer without  maintenance. Like many women out there,  my brows don’t seem to grow where I want them and it is a constant battle to shape them to my taste. Not any more — enter Benefit brows a-go-go brow and eye shaping kit.

Some of us know the tips and tricks to get the perfect brow arch and shape for our face but  might not know how to properly shade or fill in sparse brows to get a full, yet natural look.  I am currently trying to grow out by brows because my last  trip to the brow stylist left my brows extremely thin — not my preference.  So, while I am trying to grow thicker and fuller brows Benefit brows a-go-go brow and eye shaping kit has been a life saver – or should I say, brow saver.

I am new to the whole filling in the brows routine and I couldn’t ask for anything better than Benefit brows a-go-go brow and eye shaping kit to teach me. I recently went lighter on my hair color and bleached my eyebrows a bit, so, the two shades of Brow Zing powder  in the kit makes it easy to mix and match to get the shade brow I want.  The kit comes with simple instructions and the perfect shades of Brow Zing powder for me. I love the Brow Zing Wax to help with brow shaping. The Smoking Liner applied to base of the lash gives that extra pop to set off even the shortest lashes. With the Brow Highlighter and the Eye Bright Powder you perfect the look of your brow and wake up any sleepy eye.

Following these steps to brow perfection:

  1. Shape Brows with Brow Zing Wax
  2. Fill in & Set Brows with Brow Zing Powder(s)
  3. Emphasize Eyes with Brow Highlighter Powder under the brow arch
  4. Look Wide awake with Eye Bright on inner and outer Corners
Behold, brow perfection and overall eye happiness!  

I am still new to this routine  but I think that benefit brows a-go-go kit is great for brow shaping beginners like me because it is super easy to use. It will also be good for those tweezer happy gals out there that get a little carried away when maintaining their brows, as well as the makeup artist who wants one brow product to use on a multiple clients.

Have you tried benefit brows a-go-go?

The kit retails for $38  and is available on benefit website and Macys.

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Have you tried Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tars? How about Kevyn Aucoin shadows? Well, today I introduce you to both. If you are new to the OCC cosmetics line well you are in for a treat! OCC is 100% vegan and cruelty free and the products are absolutely amazing. The lip tars, as stated by OCC, “combine the longevity of a lipstick with the ease of application of a gloss.” The colors range from from the most bold to the most neutral of shades. The lip tars are very highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. There is also a minty quality to them that will help you get some plumping action in the process. The use of a lip brush is recommended for more control and a more precise application.



With such a unique name, I was left to wonder how the name Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics came about.  The answer, and I quote “The first step is admitting you have a problem” stated company founder David Klasfeld. “I did and the result is a line obsessively crafted from the finest ingredients possible, to celebrate the driving compulsions of makeup fanatics everywhere.”

I’m addicted. Seriously.

Kevyn Aucoin makeup products are well known in the  makeup industry.  The eyeshadows liquid metal or clay formula help create the most smoldering looks. A perfect combination of colors to try are the Midnight Blue , Patina , and Oro gold.


Kevyn Aucoin Patina Shadow


Kevyn Aucoin Oro Shadow
Kevyn Aucoin Midnight Shadow

The three shadows combined will give you a gorgeous, subtly smokey eye that goes perfectly with the bold OOC lip!

To achieve this smokey eye I started with Ruby Kisses 24hr Magic Eyeshadow Primer on the entire lid. I then used Patina all over the lid. Next, using Midnight blue, I wanted to define my crease a little more and add some depth so I smoked out  the outer “V” of my eye and blended out. I then used Oro shadow for  blending and to highlight the brow bone. To add a bit more drama to the eyes, I used Red Cherry Lashes in #DW and a coat of Ruby Kisses Big Lash Mascara to finish the look.

The Kevyn Aucoin shadows wear very well with little no creasing or fading. They’re very soft, blend-able, and the pigmentation is great.

What do you think of this look ? Will you try the OCC Lip Tars and the Kevyn Aucoin Shadows?





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Bangstyle is unlike any other hair care company  I have encountered in the past. The main focus is on trend and styles of the hair community. The Bangstyle website is edgy, rocker chic and trendy. It features commentary and images from artist, stylists, musicians and fans of the Bangstyle products.  The editorial  content includes stories on haircare/hairstyling, beauty, art, technology and more. There is also a mobile app that  allows you to browse hairstyles, save favorites, and create a personalized portfolio.

The main thing that caught my attention about Bangstyle shampoos and conditioners is that they are sulfate free, paraben free and they contain sunscreen. I’m a natural curly head, colored blonde and I try to stay away from all the unnecessary  and harmful ingredients that will dull, dry and damage my hair. The addition of sunscreen is also great to keep me at my perfect shade of blonde and protect my hair.

I tried the Bangstyle volumizing shampoo and conditioner, my naturally curly hair got a minor boost in volume but  my hair felt a lot softer and was  easier to manage. The packaging is edgy and unique (the kind of shampoo I picture Pink using.)  Some sulfate free shampoos I have tried tend not lather very well, but with Bangstyle volumizing shampoo I had no issue with lathering and working into my scalp and hair. The scent is pleasing and not overpowering. Bangstyle products are sold exclusively at hair salons. There is a variety of products to suit your needs and they can all be found here.

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Bikini Season is in full effect and with that comes all of the manicures, pedicures, and other body maintenance. If you are anything like me you cringe at the thought of waxing your eyebrows and other parts of the body. You can imagine what it is like to take care of the bikini area. Some may chose to take care of this daunting task in the comfort of their own home while others venture out to a professional. No matter how it’s done, there is a certain amount of pain that is inevitable. BareEase Cream aims to help reduce the amount of pain you have to endure to get a smooth bikini area.

BareEase and Cream
BareEase and Cream

BareEase & Cream contains 4% lidocaine and safely numbs your skin for 15-20 minutes. This makes for an ouch-less waxing session.

Here’s how it works:


I have a latex sensitivity, so, I was unable to use the Latex Panty included with the BareEase Kit, however, I did use the numbing cream as directed. I noticed after about 20 mins of applying the cream there was a tingling sensation. Following the instructions, I then went in for my routine waxing appointment. I can’t say that BareEase Numbing cream performed miracles and eliminated all pain associated with my bikini wax, but it definitely reduced my discomfort.

Relaxation is key when waxing. I feel BareEase will help those that may have a fear of the pain that comes with hair removal . For more about BareEase and to get your ouchless waxing on –visit the company’s website.

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