Mani of the Week: Featuring the Nails Inc and Alexa Chung Collaboration

The mild summer here in the Northeast has had me stuck in pre fall fashion mode for the last couple of weeks. Naturally, that has been playing out on my nails. Having fall on my mind has led me to polishes from the Nails Inc and Alexa Chung Collaboration, that feature an innovative line of fabric inspired polishes in gorgeous fall colours and textures.  For this week’s manicure I’ve chosen Alexa Cashmere in Mink, a matte polish fused with pearls to provide a subtle sheen and cashmere like finish and Alexa Sequins in Black and Gold, a classic black and gold glitter polish that gives the look of a fab sequin dress.Nails Inc and Alexa Chung

I started with two coats of Cashmere in Mink then added a couple of dabs and smears of Alexa Sequins in Black and Gold to top of the nail. I was going for a cashmere sweater with a bedazzled neckline — I’m not sure I quite got there but what I ended with was awesome anyway. I wanted to keep the semi-matte finish of the Cashmere polish, so, I skipped the top coat. The polish wore for 4 days chip free.

Nails Inc Alexa Chung Collaboration


Other polishes in the Nails Inc and Alexa Chung Collaboration include:

  • Alexa Lace in Red - A red glitter polish with matte particles in various sizes
  • Alexa Silk in Black - a rich dark shade that with fine pearls to give a silky finish
  • Alexa in Leather – an award winning formula that dries to a black matte leather like finish
  • Alexa Camo – a blend of green and nude matte metallic particles that give nails a camouflage effect

The polishes in the Nails Inc and Alexa Chung Collaboration are truly indicative of colors and textures one has come to expect from fall fashion and as Alexa Chung describes it, “it’s a party for your hands.”

Polishes are available at Sephora, and other selected merchants with a suggested retail price of $15.

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  1. That mink is gorgeous and I love the sequin effect you created. Very helpful knowing how long it lasted too. I shall have to add them to my shopping list

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