Mani of the Week: Featuring Jinsoon and Nail Rock

The white manicure is all the rage right now.  While I would want nothing more that to rock a clean white manicure, it is a bit of a challenge because of the length of my nails. If I cut my nails down a bit I could confidently wear an all white polish but as they are now I think pure white would just be a bit much. However, since I am all about the nail trend I’m not about to sit idly by wearing only safe colours.  To participate in the mani moment, I opted for Jinsoon’s Kookie White, a white with a hint of blue and grey.  I broke it up even further by adding pieces of foil from Nail Rock’s Nail Foil manicure kit.


Jinsoon Kookie White with Nail RockHow To:

  • Apply two coats of Kookie White to each nail
  • Use a tweezer to rip tiny pieces from the foil
  • Gently place foil on partially dry nail and press it down.  Be carful not to smudge nail
  • Once all the foil has been set, apply one coat of your favorite top coat.  I’m currently loving this one.
  • Voila! You’re done.

Do you have a favorite white nail polish?

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  1. Manicure Du Jour says:

    I love these nails! So fun!

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