A Week With Bergdorf’s Beauty Guru, Felicia Walker Benson

Ever wonder what a week in my life is like? Well wonder no more. RackedNY recently featured me in Beauty Diary, a seven day glimpse into the life of an industry insider.

So head on over to RackedNY to get the full scoop on a week in my life. It’s pretty wild. . . & never a dull moment.

A Week With Bergdorf's Beauty Guru, Felicia Walker-Benson

A Week With Bergdorf’s Beauty Guru,

Felicia Walker-Benson

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Felicia About Felicia

Felicia Walker Benson is Editor in Chief for ThisThatBeauty and Social Media Beauty Editor at Bergdorf Goodman (her glorious day job!). For Felicia's complete bio, click on the "About Felicia" tab. Follow Felicia on Twitter @ThisThatBeauty

From time to time the good folks from various brands, PR companies, and marketing firms graciously provide product to ThisThatBeauty for editorial consideration. Much appreciated! However, ThisThatBeauty readers can take comfort in knowing that gratis product has never nor will it ever guarantee a mention on my little old blog. Simply put, I write about whatever I darn well please. Thank you very much!

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