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Ugh, where to start? So — Maternity Clothes. Truth be told, I am largely underwhelmed. Largely. Most maternity stores I’ve visited are poorly organized. Racks are crammed with a mish-mosh of empire waist dresses (which give me total “uni-boob” effect) and cross your heart tops that reveal way more cleavage than I’m comfortable exposing. If you’ve been following my #ThisThatBaby posts on Instagram and the blog, you’ll notice that most of my clothes are a mashup of things I currently own and “regular” clothes that I’ve purchased to accommodate my blossoming belly.

Nearly reaching my wit’s end with ho-hum maternity gear, I learned of Thyme Maternity…and wow, talk about ‘just in time’ [pun intended].

Thyme Maternity

I mean…just look at these chic, easy pieces. Finally, maternity gear that matches my aesthetic…maternity gear that doesn’t feel forced and contrived. Two of my favorite Thyme Maternity pieces include:

Ruched Sleeveless Maternity Dress

Ruched Sleeveless Maternity Dress: This little black dress is incredibly comfortable, versatile and chic. It works for daytime office wear, weekend brunch with the girls and can even be dressed up with a statement necklace for a semi-formal affair. The most flattering feature of the dress is the side ruching. It truly makes a big difference because it hugs and caresses curves in a way that beautifully highlights the female form.

Ruched Sleeveless Maternity Dress

Ruched Sleeveless Maternity Dress

Ruched Sleeveless Maternity Dress

I’ve also found great comfort in Thyme Maternity’s Now & After Scoop-Neck Tank . It’s become my favorite tank for my little nature walks in the park.

Now & After Scoop-Neck Tank

Now & After Scoop-Neck Tank

Now & After Scoop-Neck Tank

If your bump has you feeling a wee bit frump, I highly recommend checking out Thyme Maternity!

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  1. NMoBee says:

    Really nice! I felt the exact same way when I was pregnant. I wore my own clothes until month 7 or 8 because about 98% of maternity wear was just awful…ugly, unflattering and uncomfortable. I’ll be sure to check Thyme out for the next go ’round. :)

  2. Felicia Felicia says:

    Hey Nafeesah! And yay for next go ’round. I bought a couple of skinny jeans from Old Navy that worked. But most of the dresses and tops and skirts at maternity stores made me want to barf. And then there was all this overpriced stuff that I would wear for maybe two months max. With 8 weeks left, I’m done with maternity purchases. And that’s just fine with me :)

    But we’re both well-informed for #2 ;)

  3. Katie says:

    That dress looks great on you!!


  4. Felicia Felicia says:

    Thank you, Katie! It fits amazing!!

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