Design Your Own Nivea Lip Care Cap During the Nivea Style Uncapped Campaign

What’s better than having kissable soft lips all day and night? Carrying around the product responsible for your pucker perfection in a case with your very own design, that’s what.

Let’s all agree that Nivea makes a great lip balm. In recent years the company has added shimmer and tint versions of their lip balm and now during the Nivea Style Uncapped Campaign you can customize the cap of any of Nivea’s current lip care products.

All the cool kids are doing it, just ask fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff, who partnered with the brand to launch the Style Uncapped campaign earlier this month. Minkoff designed a cap inspired by items from her 2013 spring collection.

Nivea Style Uncapped - Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff with Custom Design Nivea Cap

Ready to get your design started?

How Nivea Style Uncapped Works

  • Consumers will be able to choose from over 400 patterns and symbols, including Minkoff’s design, and an array of colors when creating their caps
  • Consumers can choose from more than 200 new symbols, 200 new patterns and 12 new design themes
  • Consumers can create their look on an open canvas to see how their design will render in real time
  • Finalized designs can be shared on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, as well as the site’s Gallery
  • Consumers can create personal accounts to access previous designs and designs-in-progress, and browse the Gallery to explore other designs for inspiration
  • The site experience will be accessible from mobile and tablet devices
  • After completing their designs, consumers can order 1-5 custom designs for $6/cap, 6-20 at $5/cap and 20+ at $4/cap
  • Consumers will receive their customized cap and NIVEA Lip Care product in just two weeks

When I said all the cool kids were doing it, I meant all the cool kid, even me! (Ok, maybe I’m not cool because cool people don’t walk around saying their cool). The design experience was pretty straight forward, the hardest part was trying to figure out what pattern to use. I went a little retro with the dots and added a little caption to remind me why I need to keep my lips moisturized at all times, to “Be Kissed!” A custom designed capped takes the guess work out of gift giving;  think baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas and the list goes on.

My Nivea Style Uncapped Design

Nivea StyleUncapped TTB

Lip balm is delivered in a box that includes the original and custom caps

Nivea StyleUncapped CNC

My style has been UNCAPPED!

What do you think of my design?

Head on over to to flex your design muscle and get ready to start kissing.

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