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Ladies: Let’s talk “Complexion Correction”

While “Complexion Correction” might sound like a fancy term, it’s really all about perfecting the skin and helping it look its best. We’re all for that, right?



As a Beauty Blogger/ Editor (and once, Makeup Artist), I’ve come to understand that “perfecting the skin” looks different on every woman. When it comes to complexion, we all have our little hangups. For some women it’s concealing dark under eye circles. I hear this complaint primarily from new moms, girls who party hearty and sip more bubbly than H20 (guilty!), and women of a certain age. But for others, “perfecting the skin” means spot concealing. Now I’ll raise my own hand on this one…I hear this complaint primarily from women in their 20s & 30s battling adult acne and women like me who deal with the regularly occurring hormonal breakouts. For this group of women, we want to spot conceal and bounce. No big fuss. There’s yet another group of women that I’ve encountered, women with general uneven tone or random blotchiness. Some tend to be darker around the mouth or really red around the nose or at the cheeks. So this group is looking to even out areas of on evenness.

Cover FX Cream Concealer


Regardless of your area of focus, I’d like to share with you a product that can help. Cover FX Cream Concealer is a bit of a complexion magician. It’s rare to find ONE concealer formulated to address the aforementioned skin tone concerns. In my many years of wearing makeup (and doing makeup professionally), I have always used one type of concealer for face and a totally different formula for under eyes…but no more. Cover FX Cream Concealer is my new do-it-all complexion corrector. Available in 12 global shades and created to suit a range of pink (P), neutral (N), and golden (Golden) undertones, the self-setting concealer with built-in primer covers like a champ and does not budge until you wash your face.


If you’re an ingredients hound (and I can’t blame you), you should know that Cover FX Cream Concealer is vegan and paraben, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc free. The buildable formula is applied at medium coverage, but by dabbing on a second tap of product, full coverage is possible. . .which is ideal for the lovely post-pimple blemish I’m nursing on my CHEEK, of all places. Sigh!

Speaking of the glorious post-pimple blemish on my cheeks, want to see how Cover FX Cream Concealer makes it disappear? OK, then. This video is for you!

Would you like to win your own Cover FX Cream Concealer? Well, I’m giving away 5. Enter below to win. Good Luck!

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• Antioxidants: Citamin C and e soothe inflammation & reduce redness while protecting against premature
skin aging
• Contains phytosphingosine, a natural occurring lipid found in the skin to help reduce redness and inflammation, plus Bisabolol, a chamomile derived anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and inflammation
• Vitamin F esters and Squalane naturally moisturize skin and improve elasticity
• Ceramide 2 and palmitoyl oligopeptide reduce wrinkles and repair surface skin while Xymenynic acid
firms and reduces sagging under the eyes
• Specially developed to be hi def camera friendly and can easily erase under-eye circles, redness,
dark spots, sun damage and blemishes
• 29% pigment load allows flexible coverage
• Built in primer and self-setting formula

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  1. Brandy Osborne says:

    I wear concealer and the problem that affects me the most is dark circles!

  2. Brandy Osborne says:

    I use concealer and dark circles affect me most

  3. Shuggie says:

    I already use CoverFX Total Coverage Cream Foundation as my foundation, but I’ve never tried their concealer, so if I win – I’m looking forward to checking it out. Thanks for sharing the video, Felicia.

  4. Diane Bassette says:

    I’d love to try this!

  5. Maria J. Cardoza says:

    I do wear concealer and the reasons I wear it is because I have under dark eye circles and I also have to spot conceal for blemishes/acne scars

  6. Jamie C. says:

    I only wear concealer to cover my under eye circles and although I don’t have any acne problems I also use concealer to cover a little bit of redness I have around my nose.

  7. eyefeelprettyco (Sammi) says:

    I wear concealer under and around my eyes due to the redness and dark circles

  8. Allison Hill says:

    I wear concealer under my eyes and under my chin where most of my acne occurs as well of the small patches of redness that I have on my face. I have a problem with concealers being too greasy and non drying which clog up my pores and freak them out. This stuff sounds really good!

  9. stephanee mullins says:

    yes i wear concealer daily to cover post acne scars that have not
    faded and hyperpigmentation. i use tartes creaseless concealer

  10. Nicole says:

    Would love to win a CoverFx concealer

  11. Rich M says:

    havnt use one and i would love to try :)

  12. Colleen Boudreau says:

    Yes, dark circles affect me.

  13. Mollie Elwell says:

    I don’t use concealer yet, but I really want to start! Great giveaway, thanks!

  14. Diane says:

    Where do you post the winners please? :)

  15. Felicia Felicia says:

    Hi Diane! The winners have all been notified via email. Thank you!


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