Christian Dior Beauty Returns to Bergdorf Goodman

If you’ve never been to the Bergdorf Goodman beauty level, my condolences. I understand that there is only one Bergdorfs and not everyone can have the Bergdorf experience but that doesn’t stop me from wishing everyone could. When I first visited the beauty level a couple of years ago, I honestly thought it was perfection and now that Christian Dior is back, it is simply otherworldly.

To call the Christian Dior space at Bergdorfs a counter would be a great injustice. The space is 470 square feet and the back wall is equipped with 16 screens that display a rotating array of images that have come to define Dior. The installation was designed by Yoram, the same artist responsible for the Dior 57th Street boutique installation.

La Collection Privée


Roberta Ballet at Christian Dior Counter at Bergdorf Goodman

Dior Fragrance

My absolute favorite thing about the whole space is that La Collection Privée is available in all its magnificent splendor. Dior is one of a few houses with an in house perfumer – François Demachy. Demachy has been the nose behind Dior for years. If you are looking for a new fragrance and want to sample Mr. Demachy ‘s work, you absolutely must visit Bergdorfs and speak with Roberta Ballet. Her technique to help you find your perfect Dior fragrance is unparalleled. (Leave your preconceived notions and biases at the door and just go with it –you will be pleasantly surprised.)


Golden Jungle Palette


Dior Cosmetics

In addition to fragrance, the Christian Dior Counter has the entire fall color cosmetic line. According to Ricky Wilson, Dior’s national makeup artist, the fall collection is all about nudes – dressy nudes, to be precise. “The collection perfectly aligns with my personal beauty philosophy – gorgeous, natural-looking skin without being boring. The collection is a perfect example of how a woman doesn’t necessarily need a ton of eyeliner and red lips to look sexy. Most people associate nude with shades of beige and brown but nude can be anything that is transparent, including pink and clear reds…really, any color that looks like it’s coming from within. Our fall collection is designed to flaunt your most important accessory — great skin!”


L’Or de Vie Creme


Dior Skin Care

To get your skin prepared for flawless makeup application, check out the Diors skin care options that range from eye creams, to serum and luxe moisturizers.

Discover Dior at Bergdorfs, Visit the new Dior boutique or call 212 872 8980

For more images from my visit to Dior at Bergdorfs…checkout ThisThatBeauty Facebook page. 

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  1. pavlentij says:

    Christene, maybe you have email of Roberta? I was in this Dior counter and need some help from Roberta so want to write her email. Thanks.

  2. ChristeneCarr says:

    @pavlentij Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t have Roberta’s email. Please call Bergdorfs at 212 872 8980 and ask for assistance.

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