#TTBGiveaway: Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion

Felicia Walker Benson's Medicine Cabinet

Felicia's Medicine Cabinet (The Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion is usually laying down on the bottom)

This has got to be the easiest contest ever! All you have to do is tell us how many lotions  you currently use and why. Leave your answer in the comments, tweet  us,  or tag ThisThatBeauty on Instagram or Facebook.  We’ll choose 5 winners at random and Vaseline will send you a prize package that includes a 10 ounce Vaseline Total Moisture lotion and other goodies. Enter to get on the road to fabulous skin. Good luck! :)

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  1. uthuynh11 says:

    I’m currently using cetaphil.

  2. dbrad66 says:

    I am currently using one body lotion but I mix it with baby oil gel

  3. Mycandyshoppe says:

    I use Nivea Express Hydration and love it’s thin consistency especially for the summer. It also absorbs quickly and leaves no oily or heavy residue. Perfect for hot summer days!

  4. ChristeneCarr says:

     @Mycandyshoppe Thanks for sharing!

  5. ChristeneCarr says:

     @dbrad66 Thanks for sharing! Which lotion are you using?

  6. ChristeneCarr says:

     @uthuynh11 Thanks for sharing!

  7. dbrad66 says:

    Olay Quench

  8. diaallynpr says:

     @ChristeneCarr I use Palmers Coco Butter Lotion, Nivea’s creme moisturizer and Vaseline’s Oil Gel. For my feet, I like using Aquaphor just to seal in the moisture and make sure they are extra soft.  I switch up on all of these depending on the scent, climate and amount of moisture I’m going for.  Thanks!

  9. Blackadder44 says:

    Caudalie Divine Oil, Oil of Olay Quench, Curel Dry Skin, Victoria’s Secret Heavenly lotion AND body butter, Nivea, Pacifica Butters (2).  Whew…too many!

  10. cocoadiva75 says:

    I use Carols daughter shea souffle products to moisturize my body, then I follow up with CD body oil mist to lock in the moisture.

  11. ChristeneCarr says:

     @diaallynpr Congrats! You  are one of 5 winners of a prize package from Vaseline! Please dm @ThisThatBeauty or @ChristeneCarr  with your mailing address.

  12. ChristeneCarr says:

     @Blackadder44 Congrats! You  are one of 5 winners of a prize package from Vaseline! Please dm @ThisThatBeauty or @ChristeneCarr  with your mailing address.

  13. Blackadder44 says:

     @ChristeneCarr  @ThisThatBeauty Yaaay!!!!

  14. Christene Carr Christene says:

    Thanks, I copied and deleted your address from the thread :)

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