Felicia’s Summer Time Favorites

This summer has been exceptionally hard on my skin. I can’t say if it’s the record breaking heat or the evolution of my skin in general but in addition to dealing with my usual shine, I also have to deal with heat rash and heat pimples.

Mario Badescu: Calma Mask, Hydrating Serum and Aloe Toner

Mario Badescu

To help deal with this problem I turn to three Mario Badescu products: Calma Mask, Hydrating Serum and Aloe Toner. The Calma Mask is oil free and formulated with Balsam Peru, Kaolin and Calamine to soothe the skin. The Hydrating Serum is oil free and formulated with Ginkgo Extract, Ceramides and Ginseng Extracts, it can be used in place of a traditional moisturizer or used to boost the effects of your existing moisturizer. I used the Hydrating Serum in in place of my nighttime moisturizer when my heat rash was at its worst. I sometimes use the Aloe Toner for cleansing. It is formulated with aloe, so, it is very soothing.


Vaseline Total Care Moisture Aloe Fresh


Another product that has proven invaluable this summer is the Vaseline Total Care Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion. In a blind survey, 82% of consumers said they are ‘Likely’ or ‘Extremely likely’ to buy Vaseline Total Moisture on their next shopping trip and I totally understand why they would. Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion offers complete moisture without feeling heavy or sticky on the skin, and it is a one step process – much needed after the multi step process that is my face care routine. See my review here. Speaking of Vaseline, the Petroleum Jelly still gets play, especially on my feet. I know this is the equivalent to cleaning before the cleaning lady comes but I tend to prepare my feet before a pedicure by slathering on Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on damp feet the night before and putting on a pair of old socks. This softens cuticles and the bottom of my feet to ensure I get the most out of my pedicure. This trick is also great coming off winter when my puppies may have been a bit neglected and need the extra love before open toe season.

Dove Clinical Strength Protection

Dove Clinical Strength Deodorant

Nothing test my deodorant like a 100 degree day, but this summer I was lifting my hand confidently because I was rocking Dove Clinical Strength Deodorant. I don’t want to admit that I sweat like dude running laps…but I kinda do. This Dove deodorant provides 24 hours of prescription-strength wetness protection but also has Dove’s signature 1/4 moisturizers which leaves my underarms feeling and looking fabulous for all my sleeveless numbers — and you know how I get down.

Tom Ford Santal Blush

Santal Blush

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my number one fragrance for the summer.  I sometimes layer my fragrances and Tom Ford’s Santal Blush makes the cut more days than any other fragrance in my collection.  Santal Blush is a complex and exotic composition. Click here to read my full preview on Bergdorf Goodman’s blog.

There you have it folks, a few of my summertime favorite products. What are some of yours?

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