#TTBFitLife Challenge Number 1

At TTB, we love a good challenge, and we thought we might give our readers an opportunity to join in the fun.  For the next month we will be doing one challenge per week.  The challenges are designed to add to your existing workout routine ( if you have one.) If you don’t have a workout routine we hope the challenges will give you a little motivation to start and hopefully get a routine together so you too can be about that #NoTShirtOnTheBeach status:).

Below is our first challenge that will run from Monday, June 4th to Sunday, June 10th.

Note that you can break up this challenge in sets as long as you do them in one session.

How to get social with the challenge:
While participating in the challenge come back to the blog and leave a comment on this post, comment on our facebook  page, tweet and instagram using the #TTBFitLife hashtag. Get busy, beauties and have fun!

*Please check with your doctor before starting any new workout routine*

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  1. Eugenia Russell Hargrove says:

    Count me in, I love a challenge!

  2. Felicia Felicia says:

    @Eugenia – Awesome & yay !!!

  3. Christene Carr Christene says:

    Day 1 in sets of 50

    Time for 1st set: 1:12:22
    Time for 2nd set: 1:14:38
    Time for 3rd set: 1:14:65
    Time for 4th set: 1:11:50

    Total time including warmup, breaks and stretching: 13 minutes

    Now time for bed :)

  4. Meya says:

    I’m in! I *think* I completed 200. I tend to do 5 minutes of squats a day; 2 minutes 2x a day when using my sonicare and 1 minute a day whilst using my clarisonic. I’ll do a better job of counting today.


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