Required Reading for Clear, Glowy Skin…

This post is inspired by my dear friend, Nef. She’s a phenomenal writer and director.

Nef recently inquired about my skin routine. Now in stating that she’s a friend, you can infer that I’ve shared my skincare gems with Nef in the past…that’s what friends are for. But because Nef is a dear dear friend and asked for a more focused skincare 101 session, on my next day off — she’ll come over, we’ll sip wine, laugh a lot, and chat skincare. She’ll take copious notes ;) ….she better!

But I have told Nef, if she is TRULY serious about skincare, she has to do the required reading in advance of our 1:1 because I go hard….and it’s important the she has a full understanding of my core skincare philosophy before we start our chat!

Every day, my amazing followers on my various social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) ask me for skin care tips – the good news is: the book is in the works!! – but until then, my blog is filled to the brim with posts on my skincare musts. Questions from followers range from, what’s your skin routine, to how can I achieve glowy skin, to how do I get rid of dark spots…and everything in between.

Truth be told – the answers are laid out for you in my blog. I’ve been writing ThisThatBeauty for over 5 years now…so the blog is filled with lots of useful blog posts, tips & recommendations on skincare. Using the search box to search terms like acne, eye cream, hyperpigmentation, red lipstick, etc. will yield tons of helpful posts.

But because I am asked these questions LITERALLY every day, I thought I’d take the time to point you to specific posts that breakdown my personal skincare philosophy. Now here’s the kicker – Y’all have to actually read these posts. No, seriously! As much as I would love to chat skin all day on social platforms…Bank of America (my mortgage company) requires that I spend a portion of my day working on things that generate income. No shade at all, y’all….but these posts really will help to answer most of your questions.

So here’s your required reading for clear, even, glowy, enviable skin:

(ps — i’m not wearing foundation in this pic..the sheen is a combo of lighting and natural glow from good skincare!)

Ahhh, the blog post that started it all….ThisThatBeauty vs. Hyperpigmentation is EPIC. . It’s THEE most popular post on ThisThatBeauty! I originally wrote this post in 2009 but I republish it often. In this post I detail my skincare routine from A to Z. No stone is left unturned. This is a must read:

Peel thy Skin, Heal thy Skin: ThisThatBeauty’s Favorite at-home Peels: After sun protection, the second most important area of skincare, in my opinion, is proper exfoliation….i.e. chemical peels, alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic peels, etc. This read will empower you with what you need to know to help maintain smooth texture:

If asked the “stranded on a deserted island” question – I would respond “sunscreen”. It’s my beauty non-negotiable. I’ve worn it every day since about age 20…and had I known better, I would have started before then. This blog post is a must read for protecting and maintaining perfect skin:

I never go a night without doing this little glowy skin trick (except when I’m on my Retinol kick)! Click to read!


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  1. kimmie says:

    Following your directions and going to read NOW. I’ve upped the skincare ante the last few months because I would like to get to the point were I don’t have to use foundation at all. I’m thisclose but not quite there yet so I’m sure your tips will help!

  2. Erin says:

    Perfect! Just what I was looking for. : )

  3. Felicia Felicia says:

    Erin! This bud’s for you :)

  4. Felicia Felicia says:

    Kimmie! Good luck!!


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