Fridays with Felicia: Volume 12

Fridays with Felicia: An intimate look behind the curtain as I share my favorite style/ beauty discoveries and ThisThatBeauty shenanigans from previous week.

Hey everyone! It’s time for another wild and crazy beauty-filled column of “Fridays with Felicia”. Buckle up!

I celebrated Bastille Day with Phyto Universe. If you have never visited the botanical sanctuary that is Phyto Universe, you are truly missing out on something special. The urban oasis is home to over 9,000 live tropical plants from all over the world. The 3,000 square foot vertical garden must be seen to be believed. If you are a hair care fanatic like me, a Phyto hair analysis and treatment is a must.

Now back to Phyto’s Bastille Day celebration…

I ran into fellow Beauty Writer, Kristin Booker of Fashion Style Beauty online mag.

While celebrating Bastille Day at Phyto Universe I learned of a soon to be released collection of intensive hair treatments. You all know that I do my own hair (relaxer, blow outs, trimming, etc) so I perked up during the hair mask presentation. The collection is set to launch in September but you know I would never make you wait that long! I’ve got the exclusive deets for you NOW…that’s just how I roll :)

Formula PHYTOKARITE is for Ultra Dry Hair and has my name written all over it. The newly re-formulated treatment is ultra-rich and intended to provide intense  hydration, nutrition, and deep-down repair. With Shea Butter, Pastel Oil, Wood Cellulose, and Castor and Colza Oils, effective repair is possible from the first application. Now that’s what I am talking about! We love immediate results, right?

Formula PHYTOCITRUS is for Color-treated Hair. It is formulated to nourish and boost radiance. Rich in citrus fruits, Phytocitrus seals cuticles to lock in color intensity and prevent fading. Sweet almond proteins and illipe butter work to deeply nourish and restructure the hair fiber.

Formula PHYTOJOBA is for Dry Hair that is in need of intense hydration and regeneration. Enriched in jojoba oil and guar gum the mask melts into a luxurious hair softener that works to instantly to moisturize and detangle. Angelica root extract and sweet orange essential oil gives hair shine and vitality. Hair is said to regain softness and elasticity.

Formula PHYTODENSIUM is ideal for fine or thinning hair. This anti-aging mask claims to thicken and strengthen hair. It is formulated with grapeseed and black currant seed oils which naturally soften and regenerate hair. The botanical protein complex increases hair’s thickness and density

The entire hair mask collection ($38) contains NO Silicones, NO Parabens, NO Phtalates.

Lastly, I have a summer time hair care tip to share from Julien Farel (Julien Farel Salon) to me, to you:

Tip from Julien Farel: If your hair is color treated and you are prepping for a day at the beach, preserve your color by wetting your hair and applying a think coating of conditioner. This process adds a layer of protection between your hair color and the sun. I am trying this the next time I hit Cape May!


Last week I posted pictures from a wonderful charity gala for Haiti that I had the pleasure of attending. Apparently the Street Style Team for was in the house as well. They spied me in my orange off the shoulder frock and gold sparkly shoes and included my picture in their “Grown and Sexy Nights” piece. How cool is that? Well here’s my 10 seconds of paparazzi fame…and the link to the actual post. The comments were all really sweet and made my day. One comment in particular was from a man who offered to take me out, BUT only if I wear the orange dress. Hilarious stuff! (but probably not as hilarious to Mr. Benson:))

And oh, I should probably properly quote my outfit for the record. When I was asked “who are you wearing” I think the party was too loud for the photographer to hear my complete response…so the description the website of what I am wearing is not one hundred percent accurate. The dress is Jay Godfrey. I scored it at a sample sale. I’m wearing a tiny gold JCrew waist belt that transformed the dress from a tent to a strategically cinched drop waist. The shoes are a patent sparkly gold Christian Louboutin slingback. The clutch is a nameless snakeskin vintage find.


Here on ThisThatBeauty we discuss all sorts of products and treatments that help to keep your skin beautiful. By now you know that treatment products can take many forms…from serums, to different types of peels, to more technologically advanced tools like my beloved Clarisonic, or a device like this by TRIA Beauty.

I recently learned of (and experienced) a beautification and relaxation process that I simply had to share here as part of “Fridays with Felicia”.

HALO/AIR is the first ever U.S. Salt Rooms that are made completely out of salt mined 300 meters below ground from European salt caves.  Salt therapy treatments are touted as being effective in helping those who suffer from respiratory conditions, common colds or even skin conditions such as acne.  A while back I covered a skin care system that uses the power of salt to treat acne, so the idea of visiting a salt room doesn’t sound so far off.

It is my understanding that Salt Rooms are already popular in other parts of the world but HALO/ AIR is the first facility of its kind in the United States. That’s right yall….ThisThatBeauty brings you the exclusive scoop on whats current in beauty!

The salt that is used at HALO/ AIR is mined from European salt caves 300 meters below ground. The Halo/Air Salt Room treatment uses unique proprietary equipment and room design which creates a dry salt aerosol microclimate. The patented HaloGenerator creates humidity, filters the air, and grinds and atomizes the salt into air particles for the rooms.

Dont allow the word “particles” to frighten you as the particles are breathable.  While going in for the treatment I was not certain what to expect. Think: sauna.  You may enter the salt room fully clothed. The only wardrobe change required is a covering for your feet.While in your private little salt cave, you may relax, nap, or watch TV. I chose to catch up on ol Kathy Griffin and her “D-List” shenanigans. Oh Kathy….

Here I am after an hour in my little salt cave. I left the salt room feeling more refreshed, at ease, and my skin really did seem to glow! Is salt treatment for you? Well here’s what I have to say. Why don’t you take a moment to pop into HALO/ AIR’s minimalist chic Chelsea location and talk with the helpful staff. I am certain that they can help you figure out if the treatment is right for you. I will say that you probably need more than one visit to see significant improvement…so here’s another upside to stopping by to visit HALO/ AIR. When you stop by, you can pick up a brochure, which on the back offers you a free session with the purchase of your first. So that’s two sessions for the price of one. Sounds like a great deal to me…and a great way to try the service twice and really gauge the efficacy.  Good luck!


Hey everyone, don’t forget to enter my contest to win one of three Rio De Keratin Treatment kits. Click here for the full contest deets.

Stay cool..this weekend is going to be a scorcher here on the east coast!



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