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I recently realized that I have a social calendar and many of my outings include photographers (mostly amateurs but who cares, I am being frozen in time). I am usually not a huge fan of full face primers simply because I can’t be bothered with the extra step but Senna’s Silky Primer is changing my mind.  I generally moisturize, dab on a bit of foundation and powder then move on to eye make-up (the fun part.) With my new found social life, I need to look ‘freshly made-up’ for longer periods of time and Senna’s Silky Primer helps me to achieve that.

The primer has a slick feel but is oil free, which is important because I have oily skin. It goes on smoothly, is virtually weightless on my face, and a little goes a long way (at $38 for 1.7 ounces, I’m happy about that.)  The primer does allow my foundation to go on more smoothly but that is not my favorite benefit. My favorite benefit (drum roll, please) is that after I have been out with my makeup on for a while, I can blot away the oil in my t-zone without smudging.  I also noticed that I don’t have tiny cracks in my make-up. Let’s face it, cracks in foundation are never good.

The packaging for the primer is nice but I do foresee a problem of product dissemination once the primer runs low in the tube.  The tube is hard, so, the “flatten as you go” method of dispensing, won’t work to get that last 99 cents worth of product from the container and I’m definitely going to want it.

I am enjoying the benefits of the primer but it is not necessary for my casual everyday make-up.  However, when I want to be photo ready up to 4 hours after I’ve applied my make-up, the Senna Silky Primer is without a doubt my go-to product.


Be sure to work your moisturizer completely into your face before applying the Senna Silky Primer. Also, start with a tiny amount of primer and add more if needed, it’s easier to add than to take away.

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