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When it comes to stubborn adult acne, there’s more than one way to skin a chicken. What I mean by this is: There are many acne treatment options, both over the counter and via prescription, to help women manage their breakouts. This is refreshing news because the same over the counter benzoyl peroxide product that might work for excessively oily 18 year old skin might wreak havoc on combination 40 year old skin.

In my own struggles with acne, I have bounced around from Salicylic Acid, to Retin A, to (now) Clindamycin. I say all of this to say that every one’s acne situation is different and it is important to educate yourself on the various acne treatment products available.

Clarisea Salt Solutions is a skin care line rooted in nature and based on the healing properties of the sea. The skin care line incorporates a blend of Pacific Ocean salt and mountain salt to deeply exfoliate pores and eliminate bacteria without stripping skin of essential natural moisture. Clarisea Salt Solutions is a nature based line for individuals who seek an effective alternative to harsh chemical acne treatments.

Frustrated by her ten-year struggle with adult acne, creator Alison Carton became obsessed with discovering an effective yet gentle treatment for her skin. Little did Alison know, a college trip to the shore would inspire the creation of an acne treatment line.  After swimming in the ocean, Alison noticed that the salt water actually helped clear up her skin. In an attempt to recreate the effects of the ocean, Alison began mixing her own solutions and eventually created a custom cocktail of salts that work to treat and combat breakouts.

Clarisea Salt Solutions is a five piece system for face and body. Clarisea Clarifying Salt Treatment ($18) is the brand’s hero product and the core of the line. It uses optimal amounts of sodium chloride to naturally flush out impurities, tone, and soften skin. Other products in the collection include:

  • Clarisea Purifying Scrub ($16) – Exfoliating cleanser. This gentle exfoliating cleanser can be used daily to help control and prevent breakouts, and is specially formulated to maximize the effectiveness of the sea salt soak with the Clarifying Salt Treatment.  This cleanser also features 0.5% salicylic acid to boost its acne fighting abilities, along with vitamin E millicapsules that lightly exfoliate and soothe.  Macadamia Seed and Sunflower Seed Oils are compatible with skin sebum, and provide skin with a non pore clogging moisture boost.
  • Clarisea Perfecting Clay Mask ($22) – Non-drying clay based treatment mask (or spot treatment). Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil while Macadamia Seed and Sunflower Seed Oils moisturize, leaving skin silky smooth while purifying pores and accelerating healing.  This refreshing, non drying mask also makes for an ultra-effective spot treatment.
  • Clarisea Exfoliating Scrub ($14) – Body exfoliant. This gentle exfoliating body wash contains 1% salicylic acid to help control and target breakouts on the chest, back, shoulders and arms.  Vitamin E millicapsules deeply exfoliate to slough away problem causing dead skin cells and impurities while Macadamia Seed and Sunflower Seed Oils moisturize and soften skin.
  • Clarisea Salt Scrub ($26) – “Bacne” and body breakout treatment. The ultimate “bacne” and body breakout banisher!  This powerful non-greasy treatment scrub sloughs away dead skin cells and combats acne causing bacteria with Clarisea’s unique sea salt blend and purifying Fucus Vesiculosus (seaweed extract).

I must admit…using the power of the ocean/salt to treat acne is a new one for me…and I’ve tried pretty much everything. I love new product discoveries focused on acne management so I’m thrilled to share Clarisea with you! If you are still struggling to find a system that works for YOU, consider Clarisea. Want to hear what Clarisea customers have to say? CLICK HERE for The Faces of Clarisea — real women giving their testimonials.  For more information on this revolutionary acne treatment system, join Clarisea’s facebook page and follow Clarisea on Twitter @Clarisea

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