Honey Magazine Beauty Mixer with Cynde Watson

Honey Magazine recently hosted an exclusive beauty event featuring Make Up Artist and Beauty Expert, Cynde Watson. Cynde is the founder, Color by Cynde Watson, a unique line of pencil based products for complexion, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

During the intimate beauty mixer, Cynde dished on skincare, makeup, and beauty trends for Spring. You already know that yours truly was front row center (OK, slightly off to the side) taking copious notes for my ThisThatBeauty Baby dolls :)

From Cynde to me to you…

  • Practice good skincare – Find a good derm and visit regularly for seasonal easements. Cynde stressed this as a MUST. I concur!
  • Extensions, Extensions, Extensions – Lash extensions are all the rage for Spring. According to Cynde, Soul Lee (of Barneys New York) is the best in the area!
  • Nourish thou brows and lashes – Cynde encourages the use of products that are nourishing and aid growth in these areas.
  • Develop your signature beauty look – For every occasion in your life, come up with a signature makeup look. The same way you have go-to outfits for things like running errands and job interviews, you need go-to makeup looks. What is your look for dropping the kids off at school? Date night with the boo? Clubbing with the girls? Your best friend’s baby shower? For all aspects of your life, develop a signature look that is your go-to. For example, Cynde’s morning go-to is concealer, mascara, and gloss. Your go-to look does not need to be over done…just polished. Define your go-to looks today!
  • Cynde is a big fan of bronzers and said they’re a must for all women. She recommends using the darkest part of your face (probably forehead) to match your correct bronzer shade. Cynde favors bronzer with little to no shimmer.

During the beauty mixer, I could not resist the opportunity to ask Cynde for an expert analysis. She gave yours truly a personal assessment. I explained to Cynde that my skin tends to be on the oily side (big surprise there) so I asked for tips on controlling my oiliness and riding that fine line between “dewy” and “bucket of fried chicken”. Cynde recommended a mattifier buy Boots…which SURPRISE SURPRISE, I currently own and have never used. SMH.

I will follow Cynde’s advice, try the Boots, and holler back at y’all on the results. Cynde also recommended that I avoid shiny lip gloss and focus on a matte lip stain and matte shadows. This is supposed to balance out my shine. OK, I’ll try it…Face of the Day to follow soon

Color by Cynde Watson is currently available exclusively through HSN.com. Tune in for her beauty marathon on April 30. Starting in May, Color by Cynde Watson will also be available through Macys!

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  1. Milan Angel says:

    Great tips/advice! Thanks for sharing…love the makeover ;-)

  2. Felicia/ ThisThatBeauty says:

    @Milan – Youre welcome..and thanks! Cynde is amazing..and her line is very reasonable. Check out her HSN marathon on 4.30


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