When it comes to makeup customization, Prescriptives is a pioneer. In addition to custom blend foundation and concealer, Prescriptives can also masterfully custom blend powder, tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, and bronzer to suit your complexion, undertone, formula choice, etc.
With U-Pick you’re able to create your own personal look by selecting the colors of your choice and filling your compact. There are three compact sizes to choose from:

  • One eye shadow

  • Four eye shadows, or…
  • Two cheek colors, or…
  • One cheek colors and two eye shadows

  • Four eye shadows and one cheek color, or…
  • Three cheek colors, or…
  • Six eye shadows, or…
  • Two cheek colors and two eye shadows
I’m all about having it my way so naturally I had to to investigate. I decided to go with a large compact and fill it with 4 eyes shadows and one blush. Here’s ThisThatBeauty’s compact:
4 eye shadows –
Mushroom (matte)
Plum Smoke (hi shimmer)
Malt Sparkle (sparkle)
Sapphire (satin)
1 cheek color -
And here I am doing a quick little Face of the Day with my shiny new U-Pick palette colors. On my lips I am wearing Prescriptives Lip Shine in Posy, a luscious limited edition color from the Spring 2009 In Bloom Collection. Lip Shine is part lipstick and part gloss. The texture is super creamy, soft and emollient. I’m pretty sure its not enriched with vitamins but it definitely feels sort of good for you! If you’re not able to get your hands on Limited Edition Posy, check out some of the the other neat colors. Lip Shine is guaranteed to give you plump, luscious, buildable color and kick butt shine!
U-Pick is available at and in major department stores like
Macys, Dillards, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc.

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  1. Seymone says:

    Terracotta blush has a special place in my heart. I love it

  2. Face Mode says:

    The colors look gorgeous on you..

    love the choice.

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