I’m in LOVE and here’s why….

To say that “I love great mascara” totally oversimplifies my love for great mascara.
I LOVE great mascara like I love….
No matter how awesome my current go-to mascara may be, I stay on the prowl, checking out the latest and greatest. I’m always game to follow up on a magazine recommendation or a tip I’ve overheard on the subway.
A while back my good friend (Hey Anne) recommended that I try Kevyn Aucoin, The Volume Mascara. Anne’s recommendation was duly noted and stored in my makeup memory bank for future recollection. At the time I probably had a zillion other mascaras to get through before I could, in good conscious, go out and buy Kevyn Aucoin, The Volume Mascara.
But Kevyn…hoooooney! Your time is NOW. And the verdict WOW!
Kevyn Aucoin – The Volume Mascara knocks the ball out the park, over the fence, and straight through someone’s windshield. The Volume Mascara gets much love from ThisThatBeauty for a multitude of reasons:
First and foremost, y’all know that I am a brush/ wand snob. Size matters and The Volume Mascara is the perfect size. Last week I blogged about Maybelline LASH Stiletto…their brush size is on the thinner side which works best for me. But The Volume Mascara is even thinner and truly gets to the base of the lash root and does some SERIOUS lifting. I mean, DAMN!
Secondly, when it comes to formula all’s I ask is that ya don’t melt after a few hours and ya don’t irritate my eyes. The Volume Msscara delivers!
As for packaging (and I’ve never really said this out loud) but I truly heart sexy, luxurious packaging. The Volume Mascara delivers in this department. The tube is ultra thin and shiny red with gold writing. The barrel is also gold and metal..I’ve never seen this in a mascara. This totally looks and feels high end. But I guess at $25, yah – it’s high end!
Well if you’re a high end mascara girl…or a “F it, just got my refund/ bonus its time to treat myself” kind of girl, I encourage you to hit up Sephora and acquire this little friend.
Need further convincing?…See below:
(i always forget to do lower lashes. sorry)

More info on the Kevyn Aucoin line:

“Kevyn Aucoin Beauty was developed by the most sought-after makeup artist in the world. Kevyn Aucoin envisioned and developed the brand based on techniques, textures, and formulas that were tested throughout his 20 year career in professional artistry. In carrying on the legacy and vision, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is an all-inclusive luxury brand that continues to develop “one of a kind” products that are loved around the world.”

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  1. Fasshonaburu says:

    I just can’t stray from CoverGirl’s Lash Exact!

  2. Felicia says:

    if it aint broke… :)

    but you know me…i tries everything!


  3. sarahPUFFY! says:

    When I saw those lashes, I said


    THAT is what I call volume, my friends. Lord bless Kevyn (may his sweet self rest in peace), he did something RIGHT when he made that mascara!

  4. Anne says:

    Yay!! I’m so glad it passed the Cece test. Honestly, i knew it would. I keep trying to find a cheaper substitute, but honestly regret when I purchase anything else!!

  5. Face Mode says:

    hmm suprisingly I havent heard much about the mascara..but have been so into his line …

    but I can say that does give major volume.and i love that it doesnt look clumpy..every lash is put together so nice and even..

    love it!

  6. Felicia says:

    kelly – what do you like from the line? i’ve been wanting to try the concealer. do you feel it works well for our complexion?

  7. Felicia says:

    @sarahPUFFY and Anne –
    Thanks, I love this stuff :)


  8. Tretty says:

    This takes it!! I’m ALL OVER this one!! This has to work for the “mini-lash” crew!! Thanks for sharing! On my way to Sephora ASAP!

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