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Your girl’s been real anti-TTB lately. It is extremely rare but, oh yes, I have my moments too. As y’all know, my skincare regime is super serious and I faithfully handle my skin care handle morning and night.  As of late my regime has fallen off a taste.  But I’m dying to share with you the product that’s getting my skin back on track.
These amazing little miracle workers are designed to exfoliate and prime the skin for makeup application. The cloths are extremely gentle, remove build up and old makeup residue to reveal smooth, healthy, glowing skin. 
After  a few swipes of a cloth, with my fav cleanser, its as if all skin care neglect has been forgiven.
If you’ve been a bad girl and have been neglecting your mug, get yourself back on track with Cargo blu_ray Polishing Cloths.  I doubt you’ll be disappointed.
Back on track, 

blu_ray™ Polishing Cloths
What it is:
A boxed set of facial exfoliating cloths designed to exfoliate and prime the skin.

What it does:
Created to provide picture-perfect results during high definition filming, the blu_ray™ Polishing Cloth micro-exfoliates to reveal smoother, healthier, more radiant skin. It removes old makeup, prevents blackheads and acne, and reduces the signs of sun damage. This effective primer is designed to prepare the skin prior to the application of moisturizer and cosmetics. 

What else you need to know:
It improves the efficacy and penetration of moisturizers and allows for a smoother application of foundation, reducing the look of fine lines. It’s great for all skin types. The cloths are washable and reusable.

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  1. IbisCaraib says:

    If I have this should I still go out and get that Aveda face cloth? I was thinking of getting the Aveda but now…

  2. lelaelena says:

    What do you do with this, I got a sample with a recent Sephora order and they did nothing for me? Is there a trick I was missing.

  3. Felicia says:

    @ IbisCaraib and lelaelena – I love these little cloths. I lather my face first with cleanser and then use the cloth to exfoliate. Theyre supposed to be reusable and I have reused them. You literally see all the little dead skin flakes on the cloth. Love that! I love immediate visual results :-)


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